Anyone Attending 24 HOUR DRONE?

I’ve heard great things and expect it to be a really inspiring experience. If any lines members are preforming or attending it would be great to meet up!


I actually applied to play this year but it looks like they were already filled up! I might try and make it out.

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I go every year! It’s fun but the ear fatigue is real. I needed to take breaks to walk into town for a beer or a bite to eat. I definitely recommend it to any hardcore noise and drone fans though. I will definitely be there again this year!

Ah I applied to to preform too, it’s crazy that they had so many submissions! There’s always next year.

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Awesome see you there! I’m super pumped, do you recommend bringing anything specific, aside from sleeping bag and really strong ear plugs?


-Dress warm and bring some kind of pad for under your sleeping bag. The floor is concrete and gets really cold at night.
-They have food stalls outside of the Basilica but it’s insanely expensive for a very small amount of food. Bring a lot of snacks. The alcohol they serve inside is pretty affordable but I always bring a bottle of whiskey with me too. The town is within walking distance and there is really good food there too.
-Get there really early to get a good spot.
-If you plan on sleeping even a little bit definitely bring those strong ear plugs. Last year I wore earplugs with noise canceling headphones over them and it reduced the loud harsh noise to a pleasant hum.
-For me personally, it helped to take frequent walks away from the noise. I found that it wasn’t as enjoyable once the ear fatigue kicked in. I’m pretty sure I didn’t enjoy certain acts that I normally would have been into because everything just becomes a nebulous, homogeneous blob of noise. This is good for meditative purposes but not really great if you are trying to enjoy a live musical performance.

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I didn’t know you could apply to play this! Guess I’ll be applying next year.

I’ll be there, performing with Gamelan Kusuma Laras. Probably won’t have the endurance to stay the full 24 hrs, but looking forward to it!