Anyone else here using IRCAM software?

I just signed up for a year subscription to IRCAM. Im toying around with Orchids and Mubu, wondering if anyone else here has some experience or anything curious to talk about.

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A year ago I was seriously considering diving into Catart as a project. Talked myself out of it eventually

I’ve looked at the stuff over the years, but really don’t like how fickle all of it seems (ie using a specific install of CataRT with a specific install of FTM) and the fact that it means you can’t share work with others who don’t have the externals.

Thankfully they’ve made their copy protection more sensible (at least that’s my understanding), as otherwise that would be a deal breaker too.

Some of the tech stuff seems really exciting/interesting (supervp), but the cons outweigh the pros for me.

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re: copy protection, I believe they had a continuous protection scheme going on, where once your subscription ran out the software was disabled. They’ve since changed it so that you’re just unable to update your software once your sub runs out, but can continue to use the versions already installed indefinitely.

I was pretty hesitant because of how finicky it all seemed, but i figured it was worth a shot to explore. I mostly wanted to see what can be done with MuBu and the whole dynamic sound replacement “temporal modeling” thing.

Yeah definitely some exciting tech.

And the ‘no updates’ thing is a much better model for that.