Anyone else in Paris, France?


Anyone else in Paris? Been living here nearly five years now but don’t know that many other music heads. Would love to hook up to talk music, recording, and gear over coffee, beer or lunch etc. Also if anyone is ever visiting!


I’m often in Paris, I live in Rennes, I founded TOPLAP France, a live coding node, I’ll probably move to Paris in September if you want to hang out and talk about music and stuff !


Ah that would be fabulous, let’s stay in touch!


You can find me on Mastodon or Twitter !

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Followed on Twitter!

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I was discussing about visiting Paris just yesterday. It’s always lovely to meet up with someone in town. Would love to do that at some point if possible! And I’d be happy to offer the same if anyone comes to Sweden. :slight_smile:

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I live in Paris. I run with a friend the brocoli label. Up for a pint !

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Fabulous @geoffroy Will check your label and yes we should definitely meet up!


I don’t live in Paris, but may be playing a show there in July. I will definitely let people know.

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I have actually just moved to a village to the East of Paris called Crécy-la-Chapelle. I’m still finding my feet, but was already beginning to wonder about others with similar interests in Paris / the surrounding region, so I’m definitely up for a meetup with people from this board at some point :slight_smile:

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