Anyone going to/playing at sxsw?

Is anyone else going to be at sxsw this year? I’m there all week (ugh) and it’d be cool to see some lines community members’ sets if anyone is playing.

here’s where i’ll be performing:
3/14, 7:40pm, at barracuda club (611 e. 7th st)
3/17, 5:10pm, on the roof of the whole foods (525 n. lamar blvd)
3/18, 10:20pm, at the mohawk (912 red river st)
3/19, 1:30pm, at the sidewinder (715 red river st)

i will be doing FOH for B. Dolan on the 17th somewhere. don’t know where yet?

You can find me atop a whole foods any day of the week

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