Anyone good with electronics?

this might not be the right forum for this, perhaps someone can direct me elsewhere if so

basically I bought these art screens called Framed ( )

long story short they don’t have an input to the display ie vga hdmi dvi etc

the way it’s sold is you connect to an art store via wifi , and buy artworks from there

artists can also be approved to submit their own artworks, but the process is a bit overwrought, and in the end - while u can upload software artworks to the device - my results as a somewhat amateur coder have been sluggish to say the least

so I’ve had the idea to open the unit up and go hunting around for an input. thing is, I’m not too sure what I’m looking for

I figure most IPS on the manufacturer market would be provisioned for input, it’s simply at Framed’s discretion that they chose not to provide it

so I’ve taken the lid off which was a piece of cake, however the next layer has a metal plate and a few exposed connectors, then a small metal plate reveals all the main electronics

looks like there’s actually quite a range of input, USB, even a micro SD there (wonder what I could use that for?)

I can see the HDMI port (its written underneath the coloured wires… I assume the cable and connector is going to the screen? I’m wondering if I might be able to buy a simple adapter to get hdmi to the unit, bypassing the main electronics. As it’s stands the systems boots into its own OS (the Framed OS) , but I suppose I could flash anything i wanted on their with the SD perhaps?

Anyway, this is a fun little venture, I have 3 of them so not too worried about doing surgery on one of them…

Actually, is that mini HDMI right next to the Micro SD? I figure the top board is the display, and the bottom board is a micro controller of some kind? And looks like the micro HDMI goes to the multicoloured port on the top board?

Theoretically I could buy my own cable of this type and run it out of the unit ? (The one in there isn’t long enough it seems )

Looking for any help tips fun ideas here

surely if the boards HAVE connectors you could use, the problem is likely to be one of firmware more than hardware?

probably no problem at all… was kinda writing this post as I pulled it apart , I’ll report back

anyone know what the board is?

It looks custom. That’s a Realtek lcd controller, a Hynix ram module, and I can’t tell what the CPU is from the big blob of thermal paste on it. Might be an off the shelf board but if it is my quick research turned up nothing.

I guess a proper question might be, anyone know what the coloured HDMI connector is called?