Anyone in Berlin?

Posted this on old forum but with no real luck.


I’m going to be in Berlin for 4 months (starting may), looking for some help before I go, if we can have a chat, that’d be awesome.


yeah, i’m around. what brings you out here?

hey will! i actually messaged you on the old forum. i’m working there for 4 months with a design agency. looking forward to it too. can i drop you a pm to ask some things?

I’m around as well. Hello :]

Awesome, let’s get a beer/coffee when I’m down there?

I’m in Berlin, moved here with family, grid and synths in tow a couple of years back.


So… should we set up a time/place to meet up and hangout or something?

Where is everyone based? I’m working during the day on Schönhauser Allee in Mitte and could meet for coffee or something around there.

Havent even noticed replies on this. Im in Schoneberg, but as you know we can get about easy here. Anyone going to the Berlin Festival this weekend?

I’m near Tempelhof and work near Kotti, but have a bike :smile:

I don’t think I’ll be able to make the festival this weekend, but am planning to ride critical mass tonight. I’m usually around on IRC as well, if that makes coordinating easier.

word, i’m living just a short walk away at zionskirchplatz.
monome meetup sometime, maybe?

I’m certainly good for it. I work until 6, can meet after that at nights or free most weekends.