Anyone in Copenhagen?

I’m heading to Copenhagen for 3 weeks in May for some work… anybody in or nearby and want to meet up or make some music?

I’m there a few times a year for 1 - 3 weeks at a time… would love to connect with the local experimental music community. (or in Malmo)

Might be a bit crammed on time due to work, but feel free to PM me for some tips on stuff to do etc.

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There’s a modular meet first saturday of every month, so 6th may next. Think it’s mostly unadvertised though. Ping me if you want to swing by and I’ll get the location for you.

nice timing! NIME Is happening starting on the 15th that month. The schedule isn’t up yet but I’m sure there will be interesting shows to see, unconference events etc.


And if you’re around on the 20th+21st and want to go for a little trip, Click Festival is happening in Elsinore (about 45min trainride up north) with a good line up. I’m doing content for them, full disclosure, but it’s really worth checking out.

I’m setting up a show on the 11th with some US friends (Shredded Nerve/Gnawed/Grin) at the space called Mayhem.

Overall you probably won’t have a shortage of stuff to do.

I’m currently planning to be up there for NIME

Copenhagen is great, I from the UK but used to live in Copenhagen about 2006 for a few months and I go back to visit friends from time to time…
Get in touch with this gentlemen, Valdemar , I’ve never met him but his experimental music maybe your sort of thing…

Thanks for all the replies!

I spend about 3 - 4 months there every year, but broken up over the year. I’ll be there in May, July, and probably again in the fall. For some reason I’ve never connected to the music community in the city, but would love to as I spend more time.

I’ve looked at NIME, but I think I’m going to be working while it’s on and won’t be able to go to the main conference. However, if there are concerts or other events in the periphery I’d love to meet up and check them out.

I also live in Copenhagen. Feel free to get in touch when you are here…

FYI the preliminary NIME program is now up… and yes, lots of concerts to go to, just scroll to the bottom of the program page.


Hey all. If you’re around and want to meet up I’m planning to go to a couple shows this week. Wire on Tuesday at Loppen, and then @udbrud’s show at Mayhem on Thursday.

Hej! I’m in this place.

How were the shows? I was really hoping to see Wire in Berlin, but I was too sick to make it out of the house :frowning:

Wire was amazing, didn’t make it to the other one unfortunately.

This weekend I’m heading to Click in Helsingor to see This Heat, Martin Rev, and Holly Herndon on Saturday night.

If there’s anything else going on this week or a chance to arrange a meetup I’m game!

Oh shit, that sounds incredible. Too bad I can’t make it. The NIME workshops on Friday are up there in the same venue, though

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Cool. I’m not sure what time the Click Fest stuff start on Friday. I may not be there, but a piece I’m working on will be part of the VR exhibit.