Anyone in Finland or Sweden?

My girlfriend and I are headed to Helsinki until August 14th, then Stockholm for a couple days. I’d love to meet up with some Lines people!

Is anyone other than @kuorinki (who’s out of town, unfortunately) in Finland or nearby? We might also be down to fly to some other Baltic countries for a day or two.

I might be home in Stockholm around that time! What’s your exact dates in Sweden?

We’ll be there the 15th and 16th

I’m Helsinki-based, and would love to meet up for lunch or a drink! When will you be here? I’ll be also in Stockholm on the 15th and 16th. Are you also going to the EASA conference by any chance? =)

I live in Tampere, <2hrs north of Helsinki by train. It’s difficult for me to get down to the capital, but it happens once in a while. Let me know if you travel this way and would like to meet up!

I might be down to come up there! This is my fourth trip to Helsinki, but I still haven’t seen Tampere.

You’re not coming to Flow by chance, are you? I’ll be there Friday and Sunday.

Can’t recommend Tampere enough! Lovely city.

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Hey! I’ll send you a PM. I’m not going for the conference, no. Just to see Stockholm :slight_smile:

Sadly not likely this year; can’t really afford it. I’ll be in touch if plans change, though!

just found out i’ll be in stockholm the 15th and 16th- would love to meet up and say hello… also on those dates is the stockholm culture festival with a million performances happening!