Anyone in Japan.. advice for booking shows

Hi, I’m heading to Japan in September to work on a new installation/performance and thought I’d try and book some live shows for myself as an add-on.
Just putting together a new live showreel/demo, so if any of you know venues/people that might be interested in putting on an improvised guitar/processing/noise/electronics show from UK/Belgium let me know.
I’ll be based in Saitama so anywhere within Tokyo metropole is good :slight_smile:
thanks in advance for any tips!


I was in Tokyo not long ago and visited the modular festival in the red bull studios.
I think it seems a very nice place run by nice people. maybe you could contact them.

I played a few shows in Japan last year through various twitter contacts. It was great :heart:

For experimental stuff in Tokyo, you should definitely hit up Ochihai Soup

ask @Nedavine he’s based in saitama

Did you drop by the Elektron booth? We would have met

If you have Facebook add me (nedavine Smith) I’ll put you in touch with a few people who’ll be able to help


oh brilliant thanks… but i don’t use facebook :frowning: … i do have twitter: @validlover and email if thats useful?

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