Anyone know if monome can work with ableton to 64 bits?

Hello, I have problems to connect a monome 128 to a live 9.1.7 to 64 bits. I am using sevenup and seems to be no communication. the question is that I have tested with a live 9 .1.7 to 32 bit and it works perfectly. Anyone know if this is true or is there some way to work at 64 bits? I windows7.
thanks so much.

Did you install the 7up scripts into both applications?

I use monome with Live 64 bit without problems but I haven’t tried 7up.


forgive but not which are the scripts. I am a new user monome and is costing me a lot to make it work with ableton.

Ah, so looking at the 7up site it doesn’t use scripts, excuse me you can ignore that.

I just tried 7up in 64 bit Live and it didn’t work for me either.
You could load the 64 bit version and then open the max window to see if there are errors on your system too?
To open the Max window right click in the header of the 7up device, see the photos.

Someone else might be able to offer more insight.

indeed it seems to have problems with java it says page max. it may be for the java version that I have. True, on the other pc where I work 32-bit SevenuP another update of java. I’ll work on this.
anyway I discovered investigating monome forum a user “SIGABORT” (which I thank) he has uploaded an update of SevenuP which I work has echo ableton to 32. This is the thread http: // monome .org / community / discussion / comment / 213 099 # Comment_213099.
for live versions 9.1.6 or later.

I uninstalled the java version 8.0 had and I installed java 64bit 7.79 and the error no longer appears in max. now just this error. “could not load mtn.seveuplive.max.mxj.sevenup4live”. You know what this error? or it is sevenup4live ?

Sorry, I’m not so familiar with the innards of 7up.


anyway thank you very much for your help.

Sorry, you use monome with ableton with another application than SevenuP?

Unfortunately, Max for Live requires to install Java 6, which is not included on OS 10.10.
You can get the installer here anyway.
Not sure if this will help though…

sevenup doesn’t work in live 64bit because the zeroconf externals are 32-bit only.

thanks, but I use windows 7 and max for live works well with Java 7. anyway thank you very much, I’m new to monome

I installed live 9-32 bits and 7up works perfect. anyway you have any recommendation to use monome with live 9. thanks so much.

i’ve been using this a lot lately : )

more apps here

just click ‘download zip’

thank you very much for your help , excuse me a question, I am new to monome and have many doubts .
the unzipped folders, have to put in some other folder ? or , as I install the app ?


yeah, just drag the folder into the Live browser.

elquinto many thanks. I put everything in live and appear all 128 monome app connects ok perfect. I still do not get it sounds, will work on this. I think I have to configure MIDI ports, I bought a plugin called LoopBe (virtual midi ports) but I can not be set to sound. not whether to do this to sound the app, I think there’s something I’m not doing well (that crazy). anyway thank you very much for the app.


Hello. now it sounds like everything :smile: . It was not routed the app. so I did not sound. remix also works :scream: . thanks again

This looks like it works for 64 bit but I have a problem with the step sequencer module not playing notes after the first cycle. Melodizer works great.