Anyone know of an iOS grid Sequencer (similar to Monome Terms-Step) to trigger Ableton?

I love using Terms-Step with Ableton! I want to use a second step sequencer grid for a second instrument in Ableton…
but because Terms-Step only allows one device, I’m looking to my iPad for a second grid-step sequencer app. Surprisingly I am not seeing many options (I think the closet thing is this old Nord Beat app)

Posting this in monome, because I’m essentially wanting a second (virtual) monome sequencer, but an iOS midi version .

Have you looked at Mark eats sequencer for monome?
It may solve your problems. But iOS wise there is pattering and modstep and I’m pretty sure you can send midi out of elastic drums as well

Thanks for the reply! wasnt sure if this was the right place to ask.

I havent seen Mark Eats Sequencer before, but I only have a 128 monome, so not enough grid to see all of that at once.
The elastic drums looks promising, I’m actually just trying to figure out if you can send midi and how that works (its not really talked about much for that aspect, as far as I see).

Buuuttt…If they can get Terms-Step to work on multiple tracks at once, that would be my ideal situation. Because I could load an Ableton template with a drum track, a synth lead track and a bass track, all with my 128 grid controlling them (when each track is selected, the “Focus” would enable the monome control for each instrument). Then I could use one of my other midi controllers to choose which track is selected, and use some of the other knobs to switch between different synth patches or drum kits.

So thats a whole creative song you could quickly throw together just by using the monome and a couple midi knobs, without having to setup anything aside from opening the Ableton project template! And not even have to look at the computer.
I think it would be so cool

MES works with a 128 just fine. It’ll basically do everything you described. Give it look! I love that lil program

I can confirm that Elastic Drums does midi out, but a quick round of tapping around in it makes me think you can’t modify what notes it outputs. May well be wrong about that. It is, however, a super flexible sequencer.

Another ios option might be nord beat 2? not as flexible as elastic drums in setting up polyrhythms, but it does let you set loop length, and change what notes are being output.

Elastic drums has a pitch knob. Probably wouldn’t be my first choice for sending MIDI notes.

Yep, didn’t make that leap from pitch to note out. I feel like elastic drums would be significantly better for tonal music making if they’d display pitch as a note or as 0-127, rather than 0-1.

its weird that there isnt a straight forward option of an iOS grid sequencer you can use with DAWs and Ableton. Seems like a ton of computer musicians would love that, wouldnt they?
Being able to chose which notes are output would be helpful, so I wouldnt have to recreate all my custom drum racks just to suit the iOS app.
Cant confirm much of anything with elastic drums and I’m struggling to find a support email address.

are you saying that the pitch knob allows you to change which note is sent, for each drum? That seems like it would be perfect then (if you can save the settings and not set it up manually each time).
That seems like a good thing rather than a bad thing unless i am missing something? What do you dislike about elastic drums for sending midi and what would be your first choice?

I really don’t know anything about Elastic Drums MIDI, but I know that I wouldn’t rely on Elastic Drums for pitch perfect melodic sequencing (I just don’t find a knob to be an ideal interface for setting pitches). But pitch is an editable parameter in ED.

Another solution for elastic drums and ableton is to use a drum rack repsonding to elastic drums and then you can choose which notes the drum rack is outputting to another midi track.

Did you look at pattering or modstep? They are caplable of what you’re looking for with little setup

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I think the app Conductr might (i tldr-ed so i appologize if someone already suggested it)

yeah if I used elastic drums it would have to just be for a drum track in ableton

that may work, a little more setup than ideal but not too bad. def better than making new racks for everything though!

Can conductr do step sequencing? I have conductr but havnet used it in a long time. At office now and not seeing and step sequence stuff in my searches but it could be in there somewhere.

Also, just came across that touchable also has some sort of sequencer on it (which I also have, but didnt realize had a sequencer). Not sure if you can choose the scale like you can with Terms-Step, tho

EDIT: It doesnt LOOK like you can do a step sequencer with conductr, but seems like something that would be cool on it. Features:

Elastic drums should be great for sequencing drums. It also just added Ableton Live set export.


thanks I will check that out!