Anyone liking the iPad pro for music making?

there’s a few iOS apps that really keep the iPad as part of my music making world. idly speculating about getting either a new mini or the pro… wondering if anyone has experience with the pro at all?

I agree about the handful of ipad apps i really enjoy and keep coming back to. That being said I’ve never really figured out a larger workflow that works for me on the ipad as far as making whole tracks, but it is a fascinating tool and I love a number of apps.

For me I’ve really been very happy w/ my 3 yr old ipad, and haven’t yet seen something about the pro which makes me really want to take the dive, though I wouldn’t be surprised if something filled this space in the next year or 2. With the original ipad it wasn’t until I saw samplr that I was like “wow I’d really enjoy one of those.” I’ve bought a number of apps since and that is likely still my favorite.

Out of curiosity which ipad apps do you enjoy?

Every illustrator I know has wanted to buy one as soon as they’ve tried the pencil.

I’m going to pause on my collection of Apple products before I get the complete nesting Russian doll set. It’s a bit silly at this point. My 4th gen iPad works fine. I wish I had bought one with more storage space than 16GB.

Some iPad music apps I’m rather fond of:

  • Patterning (sequencer)
  • Electric Drums (sequencer & drum synth)
  • DrumJam (drum sample player) & TouchJam (sample player)
  • Fugue Machine (sequencer)
  • Animoog (synth)
  • Waldorf Nave (synth)
  • Thor (synth)
  • Magellan (synth)
  • Arturia iSEM & iMini (synths)
  • Korg iMS-20 (synth)
  • Galileo (drawbar organ)
  • Chordion (play chords and notes in key)
  • Lemur (control desktop software, especially Reaktor)

AudioBus for routing. StudioMux for desktop DAW integration. The synths can also be used for their effects sections for audio from other sources.

Haven’t played with Ableton Link yet, but it looks great for wireless clock sync.


Ive been using touchOSC for years both with ipad, iphone, and various droid phones and tablets. Livecontrol V1 was realeased for touchOSC while liveControl 2 for lemur. Ive tried both… keep coming back to touchOSC.

I’d love the extra real estate in beatsurfer, and of course the ability to run two apps side by side is fantastic. But “pencil” aside, none of the iPads support 3d touch (as seen in the new iPhone), so the continuous multitouch pressure data that apps like Roli’s “Noise” rely on simply isn’t there. So from my perspective, the entire line of devices is already outdated. Hold off for a whole generation, unless you’ve got a lot of money to burn, or an immediate need.

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Wondering what the latest ipad pro with a headphone jack would be? anyone know the latest model which featured a 3.5mm jack is