Anyone using Cosmosƒ vSaturn?

Hi fellaz,

is anyone here using this very strange plugin:ƒ-vsaturn

I really want to know if it is ‘worth the money’. Looks very inspiring to me.
Any experiences?


I’ve always been curious, but never $200 curious.

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I have/use it. try to use it. but it is excellent.

especially, if you appreciate xenakis/roads thoughts on sound. which is my case, and I really like supporting extraordinary work. (I did so with metasynth when it came out, planning to do it for aalto as well. and of course monome…so soon!)

it is very difficult to learn, most of the times it ends up being nasty clipping-like effects, but it gets there eventually.

i recently used it on an improv loop session i did as an effect:

not sure if i can recommend it though. it is fairly expensive. but i bought simply because conceptually it is fascinating. recently i tried it out with presets made by another genius, and it is outstanding. i can make more samples if interested.


Wow. Thank you so much for the information and soundsample!


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