Anyone using max 6.10 and ableton 9.1.8 for m4l monome suite?

I am running m4l apps in Ableton 9.1.8 64 bit with max 6.10.

I thought everything was working great until I tried to record. None of my m4l app sounds play back when I record them. There is a visual of sound being recorded but no matter what I’ve tried I get no audio upon playback. My mic records fine, it’s just the monome tracks.

Anybody else run into this?

this happens because Live tracks don’t record audio or midi that occurs on their device chain. you’ll need to route the audio/midi to another track and record there.

for a midi device like polygome, i’d usually put it on empty midi track, route the midi to the instrument i want, then use the instrument’s track to record the midi.

Thank you very much. I set up a track using your routing method and was able to record. No other combination of routing has yielded sound except the way you mentioned so far.

So basically I will have to double my tracks in Ableton to record, correct?

Aslo, would you be so kind as to explain how you route re:mix to record the channels on that?

Do you point the channels to one audio track? I could not get sound to record pointing polynome with an instrument on it’s chain at an audio track.

(freaking amazing work by the way! love all these m4l apps. re:mix is so good!)

Ok, after playing around more I’m getting how to route to one track for multiple instruments. I just wonder what the best way to do it is using re:mix and five or six other m4l apps?

It really depends on what u want to record. u can route the audio output of every track to one single track, or for multichannel recording, have a duplicate for each one. if the number of tracks gets out of hand u can start grouping them.

for re:mix i’d just make a duplicate audio track for each group output. this way not only allows for multichannel recording, but also gives u dual vol. control for each group. kinda like how a dj mixer has a ‘trim’ control + gain fader for each channel, u can use the vol. mods on the monome like ‘trim’ knobs on a mixer, then map real faders to the duplicate tracks.

Thanks again! Back to jamming!