Anyone want to send me a DIY serial grid? (for norns / euro support)

i’m poking at a revamp of the norns USB device detection stack.

it seems that quite a few people now are building and trading DIY grid controllers based on teensy and neotrellis, as described in this thread

these devices are not supported on “official” (non-fates) norns firmware without hacks. the reason is basic and non-nefarious: nobody working on the upstream norns firmware has one of these; we are all using monome grids; and we don’t really want to just accept contributions to upstream when we can’t test those bits on each release.

if someone wants to send me one of these things, i will add support for it to the new device management system. i can send it back at some unknown time in the future, or keep it and maintain its support indefinitely.

of course i could build one, and i could even emulate it on the teensy without buttons/leds. but frankly the backlog of norns tasks is long, any amount of extra friction on this will continue to push it to the back, and i just don’t have any extra time / space / inclination to mess around with it at the expense of working on audio features.

to clarify: i mean to add support for teensy as CDC devices, without requiring additional FTDI breakout.

PM me if you want and i’ll close this question if i get any takers.

PS the thing be as ugly as needed, loose components in a pizza box would be just fine


So yes - In theory device detection could be done with just a teensy running the neotrellis code - although there is some funky timing in the setup while the neotrellis boards get initialized (although I think I’ve fixed that from a device discovery standpoint)

That being said I may have enough parts to make a 64 or 128 and send that to you for testing.

FWIW - I think the FTDI breakout is primarily a solution for getting the neotrellis grid working on Teletype or other libavr32 devices.


Maybe could neotrellis users share the cost of making one permanent test device for @zebra?

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BTW, this would also allow me to add CDC-grid support to libavr32 for teletype/ansible. (time permitting.)


If everything else fails, I can definitely send mine that is still half-unboxed but fully functional. I suppose it would be much easier, though, if someone across the pond could donate or borrow one - as I live in close to the arctic corner of EU and shipping is bound to be both slow and expensive.

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I think we’ve got it sorted.

I’m in the US and can send something to California pretty quickly.


ok thanks, i think we are sorted. going to close and hide this topic to head off further confusion