Anyone with monome euro modules in the NW of UK?

Funky question, but anyone in the NW (Manchester ideally) have some of the monome euro modules and a 128 that I could have a bit of a play with?

I’ve been thinking about The Party Van 2.0 lately, and I’d really like to get a feel for the mappings, and alt-key-ness of the newer apps/modules, so I’d want to kind of see/feel them in action as with any mapping reading through a manual and playing with it are very different.

It’s still very nebulous, but I’m thinking of having TPV 2.0 being built from the ground up as a 128 app, rather than shoehorn what I have onto a 128 (2x64). I’ve learned/grown a lot since I made TPV 1.0, so it’d be nice to be able to see where that can go from scratch.

OR if no one in the NW has some of the stuff, London would be cool too as I go down there somewhat regularly.


TPV2.0, yes! I’m sure it’s still quite a while, but let me know if I can help on the manual front again :slight_smile:

Yeah it would be a bit, and a completely rewrite (essentially taking the core of Cut Glove and building out from there). Your help was super appreciated, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten off my ass and put out the 1.0! Thanks!

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