Anyone with Teletype and Phonogene?

I am trying to automate the looping process of Phonogene with TT, in order to make a live-looping setup.
Can anyone confirm that the erase routine cannot be achieved with the cv inputs of Splice and Rec ?

I believe this is correct. The manual says:

Erase Routine

It is best to start with a cleared memory. To Reset the Phonogene and start fresh you need to enter the Erase Routine, where you may erase Splice markers and the Audio Buffer (aka Loop, aka Recording, aka Sample). To erase all Splices, press and hold SPLICE button (18) until the REC LED (17) starts flashing. All Splices are erased once the REC LED begins flashing. While still holding SPLICE button, and with the REC LED still blinking, the audio buffer may be erased as well by pressing REC button (16) once. If you do not press REC button, then your recorded audio will remain, and only the Splices will be erased. The Phonogene will continue to play the loop until you erase, and you should release the SPLICE button as soon as you have completed your desired Erase Routine.

Thanks but i’m trying to know if you can do this with a gate in the Splice input instead of manually holding the button. Apparently not.

Right, that’s my understanding.

I don’t think it’s possible. :frowning:

something in the air, been also thinking of using TT to control PhonoGene. would make for a more precise slicing, among other things.

surprised it’s not possible to use CV to reset though, you’d think the firmware would be agnostic to how the SPLICE / REC is triggered. could it be just the matter of holding the gate long enough? going to play with this later today.

maybe ask tony to open up the firmware?


Looking forward to your experimentations !
I just want to automate the process :

  • Listen to the 100% live sound
  • trigger rec
  • trigger rec
  • Listen to 100% loop sound.

This alone would be awesome…couldn’t figure it out, i untouched my TT for a while…

And the Erase routing, doesn’t seem possible.

just tried it and yeah, unfortunately doesn’t seem it’s possible to do erase with CVs. still, i think there are certain things that could be simplified by controlling PhonoGene with TT.

so you just want it to switch to 100% loop after recording is finished? you would need 2 triggers for recording (since there is no way yet to check if a trigger input is still high), one to start the recording and one to finish and switch to 100% loop. plus a trigger to arm which would switch back to 100% live.

i think this concept would work well for other sampler-ish modules : tyme sefari, g0, clouds, the qubit one (name escapes me) … homework for me then

i don’t think any of them have “instant erase” capabilities though