Apesoft - Is it worth it?

I’m starting this thread with a hope to find experienced Apesoft users who can help novices like myself decide whether or not it’s worth diving into ApeWorld.
Undoubtably they make some fantastic apps, but their website support of these apps seems pitiful. If not to say willfully obtuse…
I am not going to waste my time delving deep only to find ‘figure it out yourself’ when I’m lost. I can’t work that way.
Are there resources? I don’t see any.
I read that ApeMatrix has a channel delay which would make latency in AUM manageable, so I’d like to at least access this, but after several hours sniffing around, I see nothing.

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The three icons in the lower right corner are for latency compensation. Turn it on with the power button, then access the track sliders with the timer icon, then unlock each track slider that you want to adjust.

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In short: yes, I think it’s worth it.

Electric Vintage is one of my favorite Rhodes simulations anywhere, on any platform. Highly tweakable character, very useful ADSR adjustments for droning tones, interesting “slice” features…etc. It runs very light too. iDensity is wild! Highly destructive granular processes. Same with Daedalus; fantastic for destroying live audio and I use it frequently. Looking forward to delving into Moebius soon.

I think the obtuse nature of it all is sort of inspiring, personally…you tweak stuff, see what works, and save presets you like. It’s a refreshing way of working for me, personally, in that you don’t know what you’ll end up with each time.


Thanks, guys.
I’ve spent a little more time with ApreMatrix, and I think I’m getting there.
Still no idea what the Send Midi plug in does, though. I though you would need it to send midi, but you don’t… thankfully…