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If anyone uses windows, I’d like to include the MuBu externals for Max in the same package, but for some reason they are distributed as an .exe. So if a windows user is up for downloading/installing the 32/64bit versions of MuBu from here and sending me over the package folders that these installers presumably generates, I can add them to the ‘package’. This should hopefully solve the mess of having to manage/install a bunch of different externals.


i hate you
don’t make me need a 128 again!


Even without a monome, all the guts are still really useful, with everything being a better version of what was there before. But the monome mappings/animations are pretty sweet I gotta say, hehe.


Could potentially use that space for a grid fingering cheat sheet.


it’s perfect

i’m all about misappropriation but these gestures are so logical
part of the app dna

fantastic way to get everything on one panel

my mind jumps to this this and this immediately

building on what soren started which has spilled over almost all the monome trilogy controls

such a simple yet revolutionary idea!

oh blimey. that’s great.

The ‘reset speed’ fingering is slightly awkward, but it seems to need to be the way it is, given the other fingerings that are available.

Yeah I know what you mean. I wasn’t going to include it with the presumption that you could just ‘walk’ your way back to reset position, but it works out well since it’s a combination of both half/double fingerings.

For TPV2 proper I might add some more fingerings as I’d like to be able to turn on the slice/grain/combine modules quickly too. Will see.

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how did I miss out on triggers?!

Yeah I was bigtime inspired by the trilogy modules, in terms of mapping/interface (though I’ve never used one). But given how I approached TPV1, that wouldn’t work with twice as many buttons. It would be a headache to remember what single button did what.

At the moment stuff is self contained, but it might be cool to explore cross row stuff later on. I’m going to add a feature where you can change any row to work off any buffer, so you could have 4 of the same module going at once, to do Fugue-like playback. It would be cool to have fingering that crosses rows that controls how the rows play with each other or something.


this is so great! this is exactly how i’ve wanted my life! ahhhh!

just been doing vocal layers/loops for the last 20 minutes, but already making fun stuff. can absolutely see how this will make its way into my live sets.

weird things (quite possibly my own misunderstanding):

  • everything maps correctly on screen when I change a parameter on the 128 (eg ‘pos’ on screen changes when I set a new position on the monome), except for the ‘reverse’ and ‘pitch’ on the loop module. for some reason those aren’t changing with my monome input, which makes it harder to quickly identify what’s happening with those parameters four or five blocks in (after I’ve forgotten what I’ve done to prior loops).

  • I don’t think my screen size is being accurately anticipated (see screenshots below), which makes the app massive and hinders quick glancing during performance.

  • I didn’t run into any issues triggering the pattern recorder, though it’d be useful if recording a pattern didn’t require interrupting the pattern playing to set end point. I know finger triggers are overloaded at the moment, though, and this is a minor request. if anything, it keeps things organic.

otherwise, good goddamn. thank you @Rodrigo. changing lives.

max errors re: screen size

app on screen (default)

edit: just realized I was running slightly outdated Max 7. updating to newest to see if that fixes window issues.

Yeah this is ‘as intended’ in that the monome-centric controls are independent of the GUI half/reverse. They work ‘underneath’ that layer, and take the GUI state as a multiplier (e.g. if you have the GUI set to 1.5 speed, double on the monome will go to 3x speed). Hmm, might be worthwhile to make all of that ‘flat’ so what you see is what you get (though the ‘half speed’ button would become problematic, as that only shows one of 8 possible speeds).

8 of the modules are pretty effing big. They don’t really fit in two rows of four either. Oops, I turned off scrolling too I think, so you probably can’t see the first few modules at all? Maybe I’ll leave scrolling on for now, until the GUI gets reworked.

That’s on my radar already. Sticking that stuff in the alt-menu is a good short-term solution, but the pattern recorder becomes a lot more useless this way as there’s no way to have it start/end exactly where you want as you have to switch over to the other screen. I need to figure out a sensible way to treat the on/off of those modules without overly complicating “fingering” in general.

re: mubu errors. Is anyone else getting that? Hopefully the ‘make project’ grabbed all the mubu objects that are needed but it’s possible that it didn’t, requiring the installing of the MuBu package manually. It’s my first time trying to use the project structure thing, and I’m still dubious of it actually grabbing all the dependencies it needs.

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scrolling would totally help, thank you!

makes sense re: GUI and monome split. any way to have visual synchronicity would help my short term brain, but your responses clarified those questions. thanks sir!

edit: update to 7.2.1 didn’t solve mubu. also, just noticed that pipo is also not found.

Balls. pipo/mubu stuff should be in the package in there, I wonder what the issue is.

I guess try downloading this:

And stick it in the Documents/Max 7/Packages folder. I was hoping to avoid doing all of that.

Also, here’s a clarification on what the ‘tilt’ does. It applies the following ease in and ease out functions to the karma~ playhead, jumps, and loops. So it gives you higher resolution towards the ends, and overall different sized loop slices in the same row, so it doesn’t sound so ‘evenly spaced’ overall.

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Actually, try adding this to the Block party package ‘externals’ folder. (73.2 KB)

It could be that pipo.mfcc is a sub-external of mubu.knn or something weird like that. Is it saying that any other specific externals aren’t included?

this is absolutely spectacular next-level work. it’s an ingenious convergence of ideas. i love the control scheme, and can’t believe i didn’t think of this! single-row gestures, so good. and the idea of multi-row (vertical) gestures is brilliant. much much respect!


ah. to set the record, soren’s triggers came from the earthsea prototype code i made while teaching him javascript during the internship.

(sorry to sound like some cranky old professor)


This seems to have got rid of the mubu errors for me.

Also, I second:[quote]this is absolutely spectacular next-level work[/quote]

Thanks Rodrigo! Only 10 or 15 minutes in and I’m already making great stuff with this

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Cool this new version should work without errors (original post updated). It also re-enables scrolling.

Thanks! I spent a long time sketching out the ideas for the ‘fingering’ to keep it clean but not overly complicated and am quite happy with the results. And the ‘tilt’ idea came around that time too, since I realized I didn’t care about making beat-ish music, but still wanted to be able to slice up a loop on the fly in an interesting way.

Once I finish ironing out the beat/bugs of this, I’m getting to work on TPV2, which will have a bunch of new ideas too. There will be 4 of these in TPV2, so the right side of the alt-screen will be where you select which buffer it will play/use.

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