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hmmmm. i hope i do this without messing up the patch. i think the midifighter twister has the ability to set “center detent” type behavior. so should be able to set zero hopefully.


Do you have any spare buttons? It would be really easy to add a toggle button so you can ‘turn on’ the phasor, as needed. If not, having a center value should be easy enough to find. I mean, there are only 127 values! Let me know how it goes.


i’m in max 6 now poking (scary…holding breath)

the controller isn’t here yet. so all i have for sending midi is a dx7, tr8, c&g pp. thinking cgpp will be best test until midifighter twister arrives. so testing cgpp now to see if it sends midi out of knobs. turns out cgpp does not send out cc…but tr8 doooo.

is that midi contoller you put in there easily findable so i can put it in mine? maybe i will just try to type it in…oh god…



and the midifighter has 4x4 knobs each with push button and seems to have lots of configurability. i have yet to decide what to what… but logic would state that each row (4 knobs and 4 buttons) will be available for 1 each of cd-skipper/sampler iterations within tcg.


could focus with more control on only 2

but i am far more leaning toward 1 row per tcg channel.


i tried to write the objects in. everything LOOKS the same except your "pack has what looks like i i, mine just says “pack”. and i have no idea if function will be…functional.


tr8 definitely sends midi out and the normal expectable cc mapping from gui is of course super easy.

i am sure at the minimum, my pack is wrong. nothing happens regarding scrolling.

no force quitting though :slight_smile:

not sure how to map the on/off buttons as they didn’t work with tr8 buttons

and getting some aspect of the scroll into gui in order to assign it with cc.

those appear to be the hurdles.



i guess the pack just has two 'i’s
will test tomorrow. now assuming that midi control works, will midi-learn as accessed from the gui work to enable that route 1 control? or do i need to save something else in there?

i am sorry for all these incredibly stupid questions and gracious to all willing to help such a uneducated max soul such as myself.

a best practice for saving the midi-learned controller setting once arrived at within max? or just need to set it up each time.

what about sequence/lfo control. would that be allowed from say another open max patcher?


So you should change the “1” in the [route 1] to whatever CC value you want to use. So if you know your midifighter is sending CC value 16, then change it to [route 16]. A good way to test if you don’t know is to stick a [print] object after the [pack i i] and you’ll see in the Max window any values you send from your controller as a pair of numbers (the CC number followed by the VALUE).


so must be set up beforehand? not midi learnable?


It can be made midi learnable but it would require more work than what’s there at the moment. So what I posted you have to do ahead of time (just the once).


nice, i have it in there and printing as you had suggested. but i can’t figure out what channel tr8 sends cc out on.

so still no phasor action. and of course not yet sure if what i built is proper.


change your route 20 to route 46


make a [print channel] object and connect the rightmost outlet from ctlin to the its inlet in your print window it will now tell you what channel is being used

if one isn’t specified it is usually channel 1


46 is your controller number
this is the first outlet from ctlin
the second number represents your MIDI value 0-127
I will gladly help with this kind of stuff in the future when I get my computer for maxing with!


Exactly what @wednesdayayay said. From the Max window it looks like you’re turning controller number 46 so you want to change the [route] object to [route 46] and it should work.


well now i’m using 20 output from tr8 and no change to tcg. i wonder what the behavior that should be instigated from movement of phasor via midi cc is supposed to be.


no scrolling. this leads me to believe i have written in the parts of the midi add-on incorrectly.


I would disconnect the print from [pack i i] and put it on the output of the scale object make sure it is sending what it should be

if that is sending what looks right connect print to the output of the original [scale -500 500 -2.3 2.3]

make sure that these are outputting similar things


i will check this out once i do the dishes and take out the trash, put it on the curb for trash pickup day :wink:


yup. 100% nailed. will try a center detent.

now how do i route said phasor control for all 4 iterations independently (with ability to midi learn?)?