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ah it worked once. then did some midi learn and it overtook whatever i had prior. something is odd about routing or order of operations. at this point i will probably go with more of a safe bet of manual position control rather than the inertia as i know i can get those happily set up via midi learn.


Just change it to this:

(this will give you CCs 20 21, 22, and 23, for cd1, cd2, cd3, and cd4 respectively)

Each cd~.maxpat has a global argument set at the main patch that names all the buffers and stuff, so this will just add 20 to each of those arguments (0, 1, 2, 3), giving you the CCs in a higher range.


You can delete the MIDI-learn file that gets created in the main chocolate grinder folder.


I am soooo curious and looking forward to TPV 2.0!!!
Much love from Berlin


:musical_score:Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!:musical_note::notes:


Me too!

Haven’t had a chance to work on it the last few weeks, but this upcoming week I’ll have a lot more programming time free, thankfully.


+1 for all love and excitement!


think it’ll be done by new year?


Was hoping to get something usable (beta-wise) over the summer, but not quite there yet. And now in the middle of an international move, so that’s slowing things down some more.

But as soon as possible, as I’m eager to play with it too.


[quote=“Rodrigo, post:371, topic:247”]
now in the middle of an international move
[/quote]where to? i’d heard you mention this before but imagined it was closer to home (still in UK somewhere…)


Was initially moving somewhere else in Manchester, but due to a bunch of longwinded (yet very exciting) life reasons, will be relocating to Madrid(!!).

I’ll still be working in Manchester, but thankfully I only work academic term times, which are relatively short. So during those stretches I’ll be in Manchester, but otherwise Madrid (and by, hopefully, early next year, Berlin).


Man if you come to Berlin I have to do some courses with you!!!
It’s the Yoda thing. You need an apprentice!
If you need some help with the start in Berlin, don’t hesitate asking.



Feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m opening it in Max6 runtime and having it mostly work, although text in drop downs only show when I click on the specific drop down menu, then disappear again. Also, modules like the reverb don’t seem to be working? Do I keep the externals in the main party van folder? Also, ARC2 seems to work with things like adjusting number values, but not scrubbing on page 4.


Did you download the version from github (as in the last updated version) or did you download the most recent release (TPV1.1)? In my own personal version the dropdown menus look fucked as you describe, as that happens if you open the patch in Max7 and then save it, then open it again in Max6. (for whatever reason, they kind of broke graphic backwards compatibility with many objects, umenu being one of them.

And for the reverb, I suspect there is more stuff that isn’t working, and that the externals aren’t properly installed. The folder of externals needs to go in the Max search directory (Max6/Cycling '74/msp-externals/) in order for them to be recognized.

For the Arc thing, do you have a pushbutton arc or one of the more recent ones?


I really really wish Cycling74 would knock this stuff off. The bitrot is quite sad.


Yeah. I mean I would understand it when it comes to objects that genuinely look different, ala dial and shit, but with so many objects they just introduce an attribute that isn’t in previous versions, and then break things that way. Like all panels (and bpatchers too if I remember right) get a silly blue border if you open/save them in Max7 (and retain it if you then open it again in Max6), and umenu etc…

I moved all the numberbox/sliders over to the live. equivalents as those at least look consistent in both versions Max.

But yes, silly-billy indeed.


Thanks! It was the version from github. I think it’s what you said about opening and saving in 7, then going back to 6. I’ll move the externals.



Dear @Rodrigo,
how is it going with TPV2?

Best from Berlin


Moving country slowed my jam down, but have done several new things.

A nice cosmetic change inspired by the UI of the ER-301, I’ve added slice lines to show what type of ‘tilt’ is engaged, when a grid is connected:

I’ve also completely rebuilt all the Combine/resynthesis stuff, so it no longer has the horrible dependency on mubu/IRCAM stuff. That stuff sounded good but was waay too fickle for my taste. So that’s a huge pile of dependencies out the window.

AND on that note I’ve been completely rebuilding the full-fledged COMBINE submodule and been working out some cool shit where you can match based on transposed versions of the buffer. Hard to explain, but it sounds cool. Here is a chart/graph showing what happens with the different transpositions of corpora, along with the statistics for each descriptor.

Been doing lots of audio tests/recordings/comparisons of different settings for analysis windows and transpositions and stuff, and will probably do a blog post with some of my findings, along with some demo videos, and perhaps a new and (waaaaaaaay) improved version of C-C-Combine.

I’m still meaning to refactor the code around the individual fx modules, but that shit is confusing and requires some sit down/break down time. So been working these other related things.

So, slowly but surely…


This looks and sounds very promising! Wish you the best for your start in Madrid!