App - The Party Van


Eeeeep! Very excited.

That’s the sound I make when very excited. Ok, actually it’s the squeak my kitten makes. I just imagine I make sounds like that.


Hello! I’m very late to the party, but I’m loving TPV! I’m having so much fun live sampling and mangling acoustic guitar. Can’t wait to start sharing what I’m making with everyone. I have a 64 walnut, and almost everything worked for me in Max7. Everything except “record” when ever I didn’t have the externals installed, I was able to record. Now that I’ve installed them, and all the modules are working, I can’t record my output. I would be happy with somehow routing my output to Ableton Live.

I’m excited to see what TPV2 will be like!


That’s really weird. Are you talking about the built in ‘record’ button? Or routing audio to/from other apps?

The ‘record’ button is a bit buggy in that if you hit record, and then cancel out of that, it kind of breaks. But if you hit record then give that file a name, it should be fine.


Thank you for the quick response. The record button in TPV opens up the finder window (for half a second) to save the file, and before I can save it, max crashes.

should i install jack? to route audio out?


Hmm, that’s a new problem.
There shouldn’t be any problems with that as just regular vanilla objects doing the recording stuff.

You’re in Max6?
If you have/know Jack, it’s definitely a better option as you have more control over overall routing and stuff.


oops, I was trying to get things working in max7. Opened just fine in max6 runtime, and everything seems to be %100. I’ll be back with more questions soon! Like, right now…
@Rodrigo Can I use TPV with Pages via external app?
I run re:mix and dj64 via external app. I’m using the prefix /party and the default ports.


It should be able to work. I’ve personally never done it, so can’t comment on the specifics of it.


@elquinto @pauk have either of you Pages veterans had any luck with running TPV with the external app?


What are you now using instead of mubu? Some other externals with the same functionality?


Just an improved version of what I had before, using the Harker externals (specifically descriptors~ and entrymatcher~). The database analysis is completely overhauled (40ms windows analysed at 10ms intervals (so 4x overlap per slice of time)), and the matching is done one-to-one, where I analyse a 40ms of audio and play back a grain based on that, whereas before I would analyze a random slice of time, and play back a randomly sized bit of audio from the corpus.


sorry, haven’t tried it


Good to know. Ever since seeing the (now quite old) CataRT video I’ve been meaning to have a play around with it. That whole system seemed a bit impenetrable too.


I mean, it is super powerful, and it does things that I can’t (currently, or easily) do without it. But I wasn’t really using any of those features anyways.

I would have never even looked at the regular CataRT stuff since it requires ftm and that’s waaay too big a dependency to casually take on. I only looked at mubu as you could do similar things with just a handful of externals, but the help files aren’t great, the support forum isn’t great, etc… And in the small amount of time I used it a minor update broke stuff that took me a bit to track down. Did not bode well for long-term development.


Hi, is there a non-VB version of blocks party or any hints on where in the patch such changes should be made? Also, the mubu/ircam external sounds so good!


Not really.

Aside from slapping a clipping thing on the end (similar to what The Party Van does), it would be be pretty heavy lifting to do that, especially since all the UI/interface stuff was conceived around varispeed stuff.


the pattern recording not working as expected is due to the aforementioned karma bug? I hit pattern recording, play a pattern and when I hit pattern playing it jumps to the start of the loop and not of the pattern.


Hmm, are you using the most recent version of Block Party? (v07 from 9/16). It’s been a while since I look at that, but I want to say the pattern recorder bug thing was worked out in one of the betas.


Hey I was wondering what the latest versions of Block Party and Party Van are out here? Do you have links to them?




The most recent Block Party (v07) is linked in the post above. Also here.

The most recent Party Van is the last publicly shared one (v1.1). I actually have a slightly more recent one, but it’s not any better, it just looks uglier (it was when I was trying to consolidate the looks of Max6/Max7. Either way, that one is here.


yes but still jumping back to the start of the sample.