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Very exciting! I have a monome 64 and I’m putting the finishing touches on a live set that incorporates a lot of acoustic guitar live sampling (and little c-c-combine :wink:). It’s comforting to know that new things are still being developed with 64 compatability in mind. Thanks for the replies.


Well, things aren’t finalized or anything, but it’s more than likely going to be primarily for 128 varibrightness, with built in compatibility for non-varibright. Given how I’ve mapped things, it might be possible to do 64, but I’ve not even really thought about it very much.


Noted!sorry for assuming :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Rodrigo :slight_smile:
What is the best version of the app to use. I’m using a 64 Walnut, but have the latest version of Max?
Looks amazing


It doesn’t really work in Max7, due to some bug I was never able to figure out, but I still actively use v1.1 with the most recent version of Max6.


Rodrigo is there any chance one of the M4L bits you mentioned includes some aspect of chocolate grinder facsimile?


Most definitely. The ‘core’ karma_core thing will have all those playback modes (glitch, tape, etc…) that I think I showed in here ages ago.


top o’ the mornin to ya


i’ll just go ahead here now and voice my excitement


so we’re close to a…


sorry to bring up in my ignorance, but are there any simplifications/iterations/versions in m4l floating around that can cover in some way a single channel of the chocolate grinder? i bring up because i sweat i saw a m4l device pic that reminded me to come straight here (in a few day delay sense).


Hmm, not that I know of.

Curious to see what reminded you of it, if you still have the link.

Something like that is on my plan of things to build though, and I did a ton of analysis and sampling to create an even better emulation of that last year at some point.

I probably shared this on here before, but here is where that code was left at:

It would be trivial to M4L-ify something like this, as just a “glitchy sampler” without all of the other modes.


Aaaaand since I’m in here, here is a screenshot of the first version of TPV2 that I can start actually gigging with.

CPU use is pretty high at the moment, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few expensive polys, which I’m working on.

A bunch of it is only rough scaffolding too (i.e. slapdash ‘FX’ page), but it should be enough to actually use as is, for my purposes.


Woah this is wayyy too exciting !!


I like the new design and am very much looking forward to this!



i wish i remembered what the reminder image was. maybe in a haze it was a pic of m4l notes app.


and there was me thinking you’d abandoned it! just in time for a potential collaboration with a bassist friend, Chris Mapp - i think he knows you…


Looks really good! Can’t wait to give it a try.


i was just wanting to mess with mlr again and wondering how easiest way to engage would be…turns out of course tpv was the easiest way in on max6. rodrigo i love you so much from afar. year after year even your old and long since moved past designs excite and inspire me to get exactly where i need to go with sound. thank you so much and may all your (fill in any blessing you desire and BAM there it is).


does anyone else using the old tpv max6 version ever have issues with pattern recorders working? i thought i had everything running very smoothly, much moreso than i remember (surely d/t digging deeper in manual). but the these pattern recorders are confounding me.