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i can’t actually help with that, but as long as this thread is already up, does anyone have max 7 and the last max 6 runtime running concurrently?

i had almost everything i knew how to use in tpv 1.1 running in max 7 except the 10 minute buffer. i saw that it’s not even designed for that and i should be using max 6, so i grabbed the runtime and it broke EVERYTHING. monome stopped talking to the computer at all. i had to trash max 6, trash the third party FTDI driver (had just renamed to .disabled before) force quit serialosc a bunch of times, then just randomly try things in the high sieria thread (i am still in macos regular sierra) and reboot until it just started working later in the day.

i gather there’s some conflict between max 6 and 7 (and maybe ‘8’ which is what runs in ableton and the source of my max license). but i can’t find any documentation on what you need to run both with monome devices.

also while i am here @Rodrigo thanks for your amazing work on this and the recollections on your site of learning to code in max, really inspiring for me, still very much stuck in the “go through tutorials without a central objective and get burned out” phase.


As in they aren’t working, or aren’t working like you’d think? They were coded to be a bit weird in that rather than just record mlr-jumping positions, they record everything except starting to record a pattern (for obvious reasons). So you can create really cool asymmetrical patterns like:

start recording pattern
*record* on buffer
*halfspeed* on buffer
*play* on buffer
*record* on buffer
start playing back pattern

That’s some of my fav stuff to do with the pattern recorders where uneven state-machine changes end up spanning across pattern cycles.

You can run Max5, Max6, and Max7 all at the same time. I have friends who regularly run at least two versions of Max when performing (for weird network-y reasons). You also get a nice perk in that each Max will run on its own CPU thread.

This gets weird. I got emailed from someone not too long ago who had installed runtime and this broke all sorts of things. I think it probably muddies up the search paths and stuff.

I wonder how Max licenses work. Like if you own Max7, can you install/authorize previous versions?

Yeah, that was a brutal phase! It does get better though.


i’m not sure what they are doing, but i’m also not sure thay i am using them as intended. the numbering of what is what gets me confused so i may not even be focusing attention right lol. i’ve never been able to memorize the whole environment or even the first 4 pages that get used. i think what i am confused about is the directions as to getting the pattern recorders working. do they involve holding the button or is it… press once, then they automatically record then press again to stop recording and they auto loop? sometimes i can get them to blink on press, other times they stay held or not held and i can’t figure how to repeat either. and are the wtpa pattern recorders per instance the same as mlr style? it seems i can sometimes get them to record anything but the mlr sample position?


ah, should clarify: i can get repeatable results with wtpa patterns but i have to do it by pressing the buttons within the gui, not via monome. monome doesn’t activate them reliably. being that there are no gui buttons for pattern record in the mlr instances, i cannot get those to function repeatably.


Ah right. The pattern recorders are setup like a ‘1 button’ looper style. Pressing (not holding) starts recording, and the LED should flash, pressing again starts playback, pressing again stops playback. There’s no way to restart playback on an existing pattern, so when you press again, it starts recording a brand new pattern. (that was my conceit to keep it to ‘one button’ control while avoiding press+hold stuff)


thank you for clarification! i’m wondering if my old monome is accidentally being double pressed and messing with the process. it seems weird that i can press in gui manually but monome won’t trigger it. i can tell monome sends almost all other info and i can get light to turn on on pattern recorders…but getting it to blink has been hugely elusive. but you say both mlr and wtpa pattern recorders operate mostly the same ? so i should be able to just pay attention when button press activates a blinking pattern light?

ah, you know what, i may just midi map those buttons to something else and that should solve it shouldn’t it? or will dual mapping with monome control AND midi be confusing to tpv?


sh$t i just realized there aren’t any buttons to remap for mlr pattern recorders. (i wish i weren’t such a fool in max as adding a button for an existing feature should be like the easiest thing).


The wtpa and mlr pattern recorders work the same. If you press it it should start blinking. Do you have issues with it on both the wtpa and mlr pages?


yes, initiating pattern recorders on both wtpa and mlr via grid is really odd. seems to usually get to an either on led button or off but precious little blinking (active recording).


Hmm, weird.

Is it monobrightness or varibrightness?
Could also be that it’s turning on, but the LED state is getting downsampled so not showing the ‘flashing’ pattern correctly.


mono grayscale semi-elder mac max6 runtime. i did notice sometimes concurrently that coco modulation “state” row doesn’t light.


There will be some funky visuals. I did build in some stuff (with the help from others on the old monome forum) that converts the messages so everything should work on monobrightness, but not everything will look right (though it should still work right).


it seems like it is working usually better than ever for me (aside from the pattern issues). i have a hunch that the initial use of any pattern is more likely to work than subsequent attempts.


i can’t swear loud enough. and i have to again apologize for my ignorance. and the loudest statement yet is how amazing tpv really is. those cocos are loaded right from the wtpa buffer or something? i never really had a use from them. i’m finally finding a workflow for those first 4 pages (i still don’t think i have combine loaded right…just makes tiny blips).

but more importantly: the pattern recorders work perfectly finely beautifully well. i have to press the legacy button when i load my grid. when i do that it works as intended. if i forget to do that, things get weird. i hope this solves my trouble and sorry for the not so smart distractions.

rodrigo, thank you again from the bottom of musicheart


Ah glad you got it working.

The coco buffers are independent, but they could be wired up after the wtpa playback, I don’t remember how I did that. I do remember that the wtpa and mlr buffers are all parallel, but I did things with the reminder row and instrument page that put it before the wtpa stuff so you could sample that stuff. I might have done the same for the cocos too.


i’m rtfm’ing again :squid:


So I was just watching the TPV video on youtube again (after watching it a hundred times before) and was wondering if and when you would present TPV2 to the world? I really think TPV is one of a kind and absolutely next level regarding a live audio fxprocessing/multitrack looping/slicing/granular/sequencing application. Anyways thank you for your work that keeps inspiring!


It’s getting there. I presently have a version for 128 + arc4 that is to a place where I can start performing with it. Over the last couple of months I put a lot of work into reducing the CPU load significantly. (It went from being around 50-60% to 9-14% idle)

It doesn’t have all the features, but the core nuggets are there.

But yeah, there will be a TPV2 out there, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Once I have performed with it a bit to make sure it’s stable enough, I can share an alpha of it on here.


come mother come father come running bring love and love and love and love


128+arc4 is exactly what I dreamed it to be!
Good luck for the coming performances and the beta-testing phase!