Apple Logic users beware the Aggregate Device

Just FYI if you just bought an Analog Heat, as I did and thought - cool, let’s make an Aggregate Device with my existing audio interface…
My recordings, for example drums from Logic midi, sent to hardware and then recorded as audio tracks were ahead of the beat. Significantly. I assumed, initially, that this was some type of plug in compensation thing, but it wasn’t. Turned everything like that off and still early. Reverted to my Apogee Quartet - all fine.
Very annoying and I lost several hours, there.

Update - tested Analog Heat alone as the interface an there was more of the same - audio recorded was ahead of time… which should be impossible unless specifically demanded, and I did not ask for it.

So I had to use the analog outs of AH into my mixer into Quartet… which is fine.

yeah - the aggregate device is very flakey compared to having just one device and you do end up spending a lot of time trouble shooting.

I’ve just bought a Behringer ADA8200 to expand my Focusrite Pro-40 inputs rather than have a bunch of audio devices strung together.

I did the same thing to expand the Quartet.