Applying for grants and residencies

Thanks for sharing, especially the Shodoshima residency piqued my interest. Do you know if it’s still running? (Google results brought nil relevant results).

I think it has been on hold since the start of the pandemic. The Shodoshima one has some connection to ArtBiotop in Nasu, but Shodoshima residency is much smaller scale and seemed locally funded. The same team also operate a series of art galleries in Tonosho, Shodoshima called Meipam - the following year of my residency I had an exhibition at Meipam 2, some photos etc here

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Hi, I just wanted to chime in here as someone who’s organization has been on the providing end of artist residencies. My wife and I had a program where we offered studio space, consultation, mentorship, sound design, presentation, housing and a stipend to visiting artists and the same to local artists minus the housing. It was provided to artists centered in dance practice with additional media elements.
We ran it for around 4 years, once every 6 months or so. These residencies were supported through funds from local foundations and there was never a fee expected from the artists.
Some artists were delightful and some a royal pain in the ass. We paused the program when we lost our space and will resume when we get our new thing up in another year or so. When we get things going we plan to also create a sound residency but to transition things to more of an invitation only model. There were too many times when we felt overwhelmed by the demands of folks that expected more than we said we would provide or didn’t fully understand the scope of the program. If anyone has any questions on our experiences or perspective, feel free to ask.


I found my old application for Shodoshima. These are the categories they support:

I applied under Film (& made three short films during my residency)
re Sculpture, there are many old quarries on the island, as huge stone blocks used to build Osaka Castle were sourced from Shodoshima… ref


Hello Sound Artists! The March 31st deadline to apply for the Bemis Center Sound Art + Experimental Music residency is fast approaching.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions!


There is an artist residency on an island in Northern Michigan called Rabbit Island. It would be incredible to see a sound artist explore and respond to the space. Quite rustic :camping:


If there are any other US veterans/service members here on lines, it seems that a number of states have artist grants for individual art practice specifically for veterans. In looking around there are a couple states that also offer them if the project is for the benefit of veterans/service members. I recently applied and was selected for one of these through Washington state and the process was rather straightforward, and although I put a lot of effort into my application I’m not sure how high the bar actually was to be selected. :sweat_smile:


I have applied, it is quite competitive, but yes! apply!!