Approaching - DIY norns shield

I think you and I (I put in an OSH Park order yesterday) will be the owners of rare Revision 1 boards:

but it sounds like that won’t be a huge change, and older boards could probably be updated by cutting a few traces and doing some extra soldering… @tehn will that be worth it, in your opinion?

like i said, the boards work. we have a bunch of them between the core devs. not sure you’ll need to add resistors.


yoooooo. someone holler when this is an easily purchaseable, buildable kit for us ludites!
need some norns yo.


doesn’t sound like monome will be offering kits directly but there’s no reason why someone here couldn’t organize something like that (or check out fates instead, for which kits are being offered albiet in limited quantities at the moment)

I’ve considered selling some builds but given my time I’ll likely just be putting out some cases

in a parallel train of thought, it would be smart to put together some detailed build instructions for the monome docs aimed at beginners, so maybe kits are less necessary - I’d be down to help out.


i’ll be producing a run of SMD-populated boards, but not likely full kits. (definitely nothing with enclosures.)


oh and opinions ?? would I be smarter to find another SMT project to start with or should I just dive in with some PCB backups if I’m excited about it (I am excited about it).

also any more tool req’s before I dive in

any plans on an aluminium enclosure?

if it happens - just laser cut birch or acrylic. I’ll try n make em nice tho. will post info here


I’m in a similar boat maybe - never really done any DIY electronics stuff, but this is the first one that’s really appealed to me, and I’m naively hoping that my enthusiasm for it (and some backup components + some research :wink: ) will carry me through this project hehe

While I don’t really do any DIY at the moment, I used to do a ton and am happy to offer tips on soldering etc in general and SMD specifically.
Maybe a separate build related thread or a more general DIY/soldering etc thread?


I’m hoping to get my hands on one of these sooner than later to see if I could feasibly do a small run of milled aluminum enclosures. Will report back with any progress if I can find the resources!


If you got the access to the milling equipment, something like this for the FATES would rule… just saying… :wink:


that’s cool man! back in the day i would have fucked around with figuring it all out… these days it’s make noise in every spare minute. norns is pretty amazing dude. keep killing it!

I sprang for the boards when I realized that the DIY Mutable Shades build I did a year or two ago was also 603. That was really straightforward, dare I say even empowering. Not sure the norns shield will be as easy, but I’ll report back when I’ve built one…!

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Yeah, my manual mill could definitely make chips. I’m not a machinist first, but it’s a project I’m seriously looking into these days!
Both Fates and the Norms shield.


I encountered the same error « Supercollider fail » after one of the recent updates.
Increasing the timeout to 3000 seems to have worked for me.

Edit: I spoke too soon, the error is still here. Do I need to recompile or something after setting the timeout to 3000 or 4000 in hello.c ?

I imagine you would have to recompile the code

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OK, thanks, I will do that if the error appears again, it seems to be gone after updating to 191016 but It might happen again…

Edit: I had to reboot the PI, it was blocked after I made a typo in a lua script and here comes the error again…

has anyone sourced button caps, screws, spacers, etc yet ?

guessing those knob caps are sifam

Has anyone outside of the devs built one of these from the currently listed oshpark pcb & bom? Seems like it makes sense to build 3 at a time if buying from oshpark.

If it’s confirmed good to go i’ll build 3 and sell two smd populated boards for anyone who can’t solder. (though honestly smd can be easier than through-hole)