Approaching - DIY norns shield

@andrew would love to see your spacer list. also i’d suggest for mechanicals

it’s all scattered across multiple emails with correct and incorrect parts so I’ll post once I sort that out hehe

I used wurth for pretty much all of it cuz that’s what mouser had :man_shrugging:

Sorry if it’s been asked. What’s your target price for the populated pcb?

From a few posts up.

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Thanks! I searched price, cost, dollars, etc, but not pricing. I always seem to search wrong on lines.

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case stuff !

overall v happy with the look & feel of these - better than plenty of stuff that I’ve bought. this one is made from birch plywood but any 3mm laser-cutter friendly material will work. if you live in the city, you can probably source material and cut this at a local makerspace or library without too much hassle

laser file: norns-shield_case.dxf (116.0 KB)

all spacers, screws (2 & 2.5mm), screen headers (incl. what’s in the BOM already), rubber feet & button caps currently in stock at mouser: cart

optimally sized knobs can be acquired from thonk: knob + caps (size small)

not sure if it matters, but I can confirm this power supply fits


Where is your bad idea? I can only see the AWESOME idea.

FWIW - here’s some encoder knobs I like (from US vendors)

the pt2d-knob is slim (and tall)- but maybe not as much as that SIFAM from Thonk

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I picked these specifically cuz they had a bit of extra height (there’s a whole 15mm btw the PCB and the top panel). medium sized ones work fine too just might want to check the diameter of the holes I made

also slimness is important - the top knob is v close to the screen


Is it possible to use i2c adapter from fates ?

I am building 2 16n that could come handy

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norns shield does not have a native i2c jack. FYI i’m pretty sure the fates does not either. this dongle is just for converting plug types.

the 16n is a USB device and can plug directly into norns/etc

or perhaps i’m confused what you’re asking.



Yes it is confusing, I have an pcb from AtoVproject and they claim to support I2C.

The 16n is a fader bank sending CV, I2C, MIDI jack compatible with all standards, USB MIDI (compatible PC, Mac, iPad etc…)

It could be as you said that it is just a plug conversion type… it was too good to be true :slight_smile:

You are correct - the 16n faderbank does support i2c. However, Norns and Fates (I believe) do not have native i2c jacks.

The way to use the 16n with Norns/Fates would be USB MIDI, and it works great with my Norns!

More info on i2c in this thread.

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It works!!! thanks a lot @tehn Never found the fault unfortunately, ended up just starting again.



Can anybody check it they have the same issue.

Just installed the update of the diy shield and it doesn’t start up anymore. Before the update no prob. Update was 2010…

I checked with another sd card with older firmware and it starts up again.

I’ll reformat the sd card and burn the image again.


Just checked the sd card and it works so I think it is software related :disappointed:

Is there a way that I can revert the update in some way?

Can anybody check it they have the same issue.

Just installed the update of the diy shield and it doesn’t start up anymore. Before the update no prob. Update was 2010…

My Shield is from Monome, i did the update for the wifi some days ago, no issue…

Which Pi do you use? 3b, 3b+ ? Mine is a 3b+

(Just in case it could be related to the Pi version as there are changes to the /boot/ files apparently…)

I use on the non starting one RPI3B but now I baked a new SD CARD and it works.


I wonder if it might be possible to disable a core or underclock something on the Pi 4 to drag it away from the ‘desktop replacement’ class of power/performance/heat trade-off and more towards a high end embedded device?

Happy to test on my 2GB and 4GB models once I get my shield built! :partying_face:

I’ve been using a fates on a raspberry pi 4 for several weeks and I’ve not hit 70 degrees celcius once, maybe the norns apps, designed to run on a pi 3, aren’t really taxing the cpu on the 4?

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