Approaching - DIY norns shield

(if anybody wants a 3D model of this - as in, a built-up Pi + shield with pots/buttons/etc - for designing enclosures, I might have time next week to do one. just not around atm.)


Oh that would be really helpful.

Out of curiosity how do you do that? Does eagle let you export an STL or something? Does each part have it’s own 3d model (and what do you do if one is missing, for example)?

That’d be great! Thought I’d give an enclosure a go when I get some time.

A bunch of components in eagle have 3d models now, you can always build them yourself if one is missing or search around different CAD repositories for the part. Eagle --> Fusion 360 has been fun to explore lately.

Eagle can sync PCBs to Fusion.

Then, you map component models to components in Fusion - I don’t always do this for every single thing, especially passives, but it’s not too hard. I already have alpha 9mm pot parts, and I can always make up my own quick parts for screens, etc. Raspi models are easily available, so I can do both 3+ and 4 versions. Then you can dump the whole lot as an STL.


boring question, just looking at the board, @tehn - left to right, it reads S2-S3-E3-E2 across the bottom. Is that deliberate - “outer” and “inner” pairs, rather than left-right left-right?

thanks for this— labeling bug!

Since I am planning on getting a raspberry pi for this and another project, is there a reason not to get the 4?

The pi4 runs hotter. Like 10 degrees C hotter than a pi3b+ in my informal testing.

Don’t really know if this is an “real issue” or not. Gonna have to wait and see how hot the norns shield runs with a pi4.


Has somebody already built it? Or it’s safe to wait a little bit?

We’re still working on some final things (headphone output, validating everything works, checking compatibility with different RPi models, etc) so I’d suggest to wait a little bit.


This is very exciting. Following the thread.

from being on the rasperry pi forums recently , it seems like a fan is not needed for rasperry pi 4. But maybe a small vent would not go amiss.

I can’t wait to see the wooden / metal mix (old monome grid style) norns shield pop up, the DIY shields here always end up creating alternative designs that are wonderful.


we’ve had a lot of success with the currently published hardware— here’s an oshpark link: (updated)

an updated version is forthcoming with a headphone jack and output, but if you’re anxious these boards will be supported!


Might actually wait for the headphone outs but this looks like a dream/gamechanger to me.

Thanks for the update. I really like the compact shape of this compared to fates, so hanging on for headphone update too :slight_smile:

Quick update:

Sorry for the crappy picture, but we’re making progress :slight_smile:

We now have an image to use on the Raspberry Pi3 for which the basics are working. Still a couple of things to figure out, testing for Raspberry Pi2 to determine if that will work well enough and doing some updates to support the Raspberry Pi4.


soooooooooo cute

also bumping this - did anyone end up making a model or working out measurements ?

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