Approaching: isms (video with new meadowphysics)

listen on real speakers! much bass to be had.


just pre-ordered the case, very interested in seeing it in person. it’s interesting you’re using the intellijel function generator and not the mannequins one in the video … I guess the mannequins one isn’t ready? also sort of bummed that the USB switch doesn’t support all three trilogy modules, but I understand space is limited.

I’d also love a price estimate on that flight case.

we don’t have a full system planned yet. system shown is just what i have around at the moment. not using the intellijel quadra, just taking up space in the video.

it’s a pelican 1700, $200 from anywhere that sells pelican.

new meadowphysics firmware in use-- really fun and great results.


awesome, thanks for the info!

 #squadgoals #twentycharacters

i usually fixate on something peripheral when you release these clips

today: what is generating the bass kick??? its deep

ww pulse into three sisters. that’s it. 3sis tuned correctly is magic.

oh and then there’s the part where i feed pink noise into it.


this this this this this

Really considering isms, all day today. Stuck in limbo on it for who knows why.

Looks/sounds fantastic! What I’m curious about is the blind panel (or new module placeholder?) at the far end.

btw, tried uploading a zoomed-in image from my photos (on ios), and it just spins endlessly at 100%.

the blank panel is actually just a blank panel from basimilus, not a proto. trent is working hard on his new modules this moment.

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Ah; ok. Anxious to see what new gadetry he comes up with.

Just saw the new Isms picture on its website, it does look awesome!

Out of curiosity, I counted the number of sliding nuts: 21 in the upper rail, 20 in the lower rail. Given that the Isms features 18 power connectors, which number of nuts per rail will the Isms ship with? My assumption is 36 (worst case scenario: 18 modules with 4 holes each).

What will be the final number of sliding nuts per rail?
Will it be easily possible (and not void warranty) to add/remove nuts?


isms will ship with 25 sliding nuts per rail if memory serves.

While 18 modules can be fitted, only modules above 8hp use 4 mounting positions, but there’s only 120hp. I believe 25 nuts per rail will satisfy all possible (or at least probable) combinations.


not getting one but ____

that is an unbelievably beautiful instrument


Thanks for the answer! I agree, 25 nuts per rail is a very sensible choice. Really, really looking forward to Isms arriving!

probably seems a silly question, but is this shipping with two USB cables for trilogy modules?

also, any info on anticipated ship date for preorders?

isms comes with a single short USB for hot-patching, with the expected use case that you’d use a full-length cable to a computer on the other port. if you’d like two, e-mail me and i’ll throw one in for you.

ship date announcement in other thread!


What triggered the decision to use M2.5 screws and nuts in the Isms, instead of the M3 that seems to be the de-facto standard in Eurorack cabinets?

standard according to who (doepfer)? there is no standard in euro except that module height is 3u. many modern cases use 2.5M (make noise, enclave, elite, etc).