Approaching: norns

great mail day (totally coincidental the book showed up today)


We were out of town and USPS required a signature. :frowning: Tuesday it is, then.

Study time + 20 characters :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


Mine is downstairs in the package room :upside_down_face:

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quick question @tehn or @ngwese - is maiden accessible to those with a norns at this point? if so, how?

no problem if not, there’s plenty to work with as-is for now!

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Yes. Turn wifi on in the system menu (in either router or hotspot mode) then point a browser at <ip_address_of_norns>:5000

If you are on a machine that supports mDNS well (a macOS machine for example) you can use norns.local as the host instead of an IP address.

Edit: The documentation for much of the Lua API available to scripts can be accessed via <ip_address_of_norns>:5000/docs. There is a desire to better integrate those API docs into maiden itself.


Everyone posting the arrival of Norns has really made me regret not ordering one. I’ll definetly be ordering one in September. Can’t wait to see some videos of what you all do with them.


Not sure what you’re using for the web editor.

But… in theory, Microsoft’s Monaco editor should be able to make use of a Language Server Protocol server on the norn itself, which if you’re using lua-lsp will give you documentation hover, syntax checking and some code completion.

I have no idea if it will work, but the prospect of getting syntax checking (especially for new coders) makes it worth further investigation.

edit: this is the magic glue between Monaco and LSP: TypeFox/monaco-languageclient


I’m old, please explain 20 characters?


maiden uses Ace internally and it has some hooks for code completion and doc integration (@ppqq has started to explore the possibilities there). Ace does provide some syntax checking for Lua, the only downside at the moment is the syntax checking is based on Lua 5.2 instead of Lua 5.3 (which matron uses) so newer syntax such as shift operators gets flagged as invalid even though it’s not.

Edit: I should add that Monaco was looked at early on. I believe one of things which drew folks to Ace was the direct integration of Vim/Emacs keybindings out of the box and there was readily available ReactJS integration.


@rmro it’s a very long thread covering a large number of topics. Which specific thing are you looking for more explanation about?

I had the same question for awhile until I figured it out. Discourse, this forum, requires each post to be at least 20 characters. So if you want to say something short, people usually just include “20 characters” as kind of a joke and to meet the requirements.


I’m so dense. I thought that was exactly what @rmro was doing. doh!


It’s so small! and so beautiful


just a heads up to people receiving hardware— if you see anything weird or confusing happen e-mail me and i’ll get back to you super quick! assembly has knocked me out and i’m a little behind on docs— i apologize— but they’re coming soon. in the meantime i hope you enjoy playing the included scripts.

here’s the mlr cheatsheet (which doesn’t really give instructions, but might help you wade through and discover something?) mlr.pdf (283.3 KB)

but if you’re hyped about mlr, BE SURE to check out @artfwo’s glut which is a sort of mlr-inspired granulator and sounds super amazing (and is wayyy easier to navigate)


Oh, it’s you! Hi. :slight_smile: :heart:


Just received mine. This is a stunning work of art. Looking forward to going through it- thanks so much @tehn and to everyone else involved!


Sounds interesting is this an included script? So excited to get mine I will probably be a few weeks still for us EU folk…

It’s so pretty.