Approaching: norns



Oh my oh my oh my. I’m in love.


Even Monome product reveals are a thing of stupefying beauty.


The excitement is real, and the possibilities of Norns along side a modular with W/, 301 and/or Assimil8or are staggering in the expanse of sonic vistas they will open. Stunning design, @tehn.


battery powered?..


I don’t really know what to add so I’ll go with…



Today I learned:
“The Norns (Old Norse: norn, plural: nornir) in Norse mythology[1] are female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men. They roughly correspond to other controllers of humans’ destiny, such as the Fates, elsewhere in European mythology.”

Here I thought it was a reference to Creatures.


In time…


Beautiful design. Well done! Looking forward to watching the introduction.


Not so sure about that bit!


oh my god, that interface is so brilliant — loop points for speed of the w/-style tape got me. and i love that the video is a tml revisit.

timelines all parallel, all sequential, all circular. i’m so excited.


Which is exactly what sold me on it, I spent so much time playing those games. <3


This might very well be one of the most beautiful things i’ve seen. Ever.


Man, really beautiful!

And like @Dan_Derks mentions, vibes me out to early arc days as well :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!


i can think of an explanation for all lines except these 3…

knows something.
loves birds.
waits patiently.

curious how it “controls voltages” - via some unannounced expander? trilogy/ansible/teletype via usb?
scrolling through lines of lines makes me think you can make loops with any apps and then transfer/incorporate them freely


Really beautiful - is may 3 the release date?


knows something.

Internal recording storage?

loves birds.

… maybe a built-in microphone perhaps?

waits patiently.

This has one has me stumped… maybe there’s no “on” or “off” state, but it doesn’t use up any battery life if it isn’t doing anything?


or maybe it means it reacts to something (if there is a built in microphone maybe it reacts to what it hears?)


You guys are hilarious. I don’t know if I’m more excited for the device, or the continued speculation. :popcorn:


absolutely beautiful sounds @tehn!


I am not very familiar with any Monome stuff except Teletype, and I am mightily confused right now. Curious, interested, but confused.

I at least gather that this is sort of a general (musical) purpose, programmable/scriptable doodad of some sort.