Approaching: norns


is the second synth something you’ve coded up? Sounds lovely!



yep, it’s something new i’ve been working on, still some things i’d like to do, but definitely planning to share :two_men_holding_hands:



It sounds wonderful <3



Hey, friends. I’m a longtime peeker, but a first-time speaker.

I’m a hobbyist noise collector, and modular led me to lines, and lines led me to monome, and monome led me to Norns. My Norns arrived last Thursday, along with a Grid.

My world was turned upside down. I quit my job on Friday, said farewell to my friends and family, wrote a Dear John SMS to my girlfriend (her name is John, so that part was already written), gave the dog like 2 months worth of food, and stockpiled jugs of water, canned goods, a hot plate, and a bedpan next to my hardware setup. I’m not getting up until I successfully lobotomize myself with loops.

My first steps in my new life with Norns are documented on my Instagram. Keep in mind that I have no idea what I’m doing. With Norns, music, or anything, really.

I’m a copywriter, not an engineer, so I won’t be contributing code. But I’ll do my best to play-test errthang I can get into this beautiful gray box.



Found you on instagram the other day and have been enjoying your clips. Some of my fav Norns tidbits so far! :cake: Looking forward to more.
Good luck on the adventure!



Thanks! I’ve been learning so much from your posts here (and everyone else’s). The field recording, “what are you listening to”, and ciat-lonbarde threads alone kept me busy for a month. I feel like I’m going to college again, but this time for free and for something I want to learn.

The support and quality of this community centered around an obsession that can be so solitary is something I haven’t experienced outside of skateboarding. I suck at both skateboarding and music, but both taught me that you don’t have to be great at something for it to make you feel amazing.

One breaks bones, the other breaks banks.



@disquiet brought this to my attention:
it’s a way to MIDIfy your non-MIDI foot pedals/switches.



I ordered the Quattro of those Audiofront devices. I’ll report back when it arrives.



hello everyone just a quick update that i spent all day testing/fixing the update (with some help of course!) and we’re close but i want to make sure we get this first update right!

much more excited to make some studies and new fun scripts… but the infrastructure makes everything go



Mine just arrived in the downunderverse.
Beautiful work, it is so aesthetically tactile, the metal is so pretty and soft.



Just wanted to jump in an say hi.

I bought my norns 2nd hand off reverb because I couldn’t wait for round 3 (THANK YOU J). I caught up last week on the this and the dev threads, and fully committed to pop in and give feedback / help whenever I can… if playing with this thing doesn’t get me fired first. (Hooray for “maiden dark theme”)

Really excited about the community and the potential. (somebody send @TheTechnobear a unit STAT… would kill for orac. nornac, norac?)

norns is… confusing… in the best way possible



twenty characters of yes pleasee!!!



Wow I’m stunned someone would give up on norns already… so much potential



I should have brought my Norns into work today for update fun… :pensive:



I was surprised too, but I’m really happy he did :slight_smile:

Super nice guy who I think just realized it’d be a little bit of a wait until a lot of it was fully realized.I’ve just recently recommitted to slogging through development of audio coding skills and what a beautiful way to do it! Now I just gotta keep up!



I thought the exact same thing! As I’m sitting here reading lines stuck in traffic on the 110 freeway.

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Wednesday though am i right? That’s when the full experience begins (At least for me)!



A video this time.

Just a little MLR study from this afternoon, recording some stuff live with a stereo mic and mucking about with a cheap Motorola cassette deck in the second half.



No Nornovirii found!



I’m expecting my Norns to show up within a day or two as it just passed customs.

One question: will Norns provide power to my Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm? Don’t know that much about these things, but I’ve been told they require power through a sound card e.g. and should not be used with mobile devices.
In other words - is it safe to plug them into the headphone input of Norns?