Approaching: norns

might be overkill for your needs but since it already exists i’d recommend…


I think (hope) so :wink:


a not great recording, but I’m starting to get more comfortable with mlr


I have a question – Is there going to be a place on the main monome norns dust page where users will have their scripts? I’m not a good coder (yet) and have seen some good user scripts already here in various threads (that’s another issue, they seem spread out across various threads) and also they seem to be spread out on other people’s github pages and it becomes hard to keep up with where you found what (and also any dependent files and then updates to the scripts).

I’ve seen lots that I would like to try, just don’t have a good grasp as to how to get them up and running.

It seems a good centralized place to house user scripts/files would be very useful. Perhaps something similar to the Critter and Guitari Forum’s “patches” section could be useful? Maybe if something like that could be done on lines, or on the dust github page?


Might be a matter of housekeeping but at this stage it seems the hope is that we all make pull requests on github with our new engines and lua scripts

That will be the central location

Until we are all up to speed (and using gh) I’d check the threads tagged norns for “.lua” files to find the scripts scattered across them

edit: or just check this one , only two users have shared here on lines…


Question: Will there be a list of “Monome Tested and Approved” user-provided scripts? My understanding is that those scripts that make their way into dust will magically get synchronized to my norns, but I also anticipate there will be a portfolio of other scripts that aren’t part of the core distro but which are available for use. These are the ones that I’m hoping will pass through some sort of QA gauntlet.


i sympathize with your fear but two points

  • little if anything we do at user-script level will bust your norns (lol…the english language)

  • pull requests on github are approved by those with write access like @tehn

also it’s unlikely that a member of our community would share a broken script OR that you download and run it w/o seeing evidence that it works, right?


Seconded. I’m writing some scripts right now and wish we had a “Testing/testers” group of some sort. Could served as the “Tested” part of “Monome Tested and Approved.”


i would be happy to test!

dm me or post in the scripting thread with some sort of beta warning for other adventurers


Not every member of this community pays close attention to the daily ins-and-outs of script performance, and while I know no member would share something broken, Mistakes Do Happen. Reducing the frequency and severity of errors - which leads to a reduction in support contacts - is the magic that even a di minimis QA process brings.

I am completely confident something like this will come out in the wash, but it would be helpful to be transparent in the docs about the process for how scripts move from concept to release candidate, especially as the Nornish Tribes increase both in number and ranges of technical capability.

(I thank you)


Added that concern to this thread, where it probably makes more sense to discuss:

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No reason that that couldn’t be done as part of the pull request. It might be useful to have some community members who were willing to take that on monitor the pull requests and comment that things were working to take some of the workload off the core developers. I’d certainly offer to help in that regard, but need to get my hands on a Norns first!


Yah this is what PRs and approval are about. We’re hashing out contribution guide


Yay! Much needed. …

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starting point is already on the bottom half of the README:


hey yall, i am going to log out of lines for probably about a week.

been tryin to answer a lot of questions here since norns release. this is something i can do in the cracks of my day job. but it still takes time, and want to actually put in some serious work on norns development instead. so i won’t be seeing mentions or replies for a bit.

that’s all


Ive done a video which shows how a push 2 could be used in conjunction with Norns.
see here , around 7:00 is the ‘native mode’ which might be interesting to Norns users.

(I won’t include inline, as its running on a PI, so perhaps is OT here, but I think the native mode is on-topic, as demonstrates how other hardware can be integrated with the Norns hardware - and I think might be missed on the norns on rpi topic)


20 characters of awesomeness!

Nice! Is it just the source material, or do I notice a lot less clicks at the beginning of each loop (like there are zero-crossings set ahead of time or high attack)?

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