Approaching: norns



I don’t think so, op-1 onboard mic has its limitations… and I believe he’s just using the op-1 for the subtle droney sounds :slight_smile:


Totally off topic, but about rhizome…
I recently started an art platform with that concept and name (in Dutch). See more info here:

I think it’s an interesting topic for a new thread. I expect many of lines users will resonate with the rhizome concept formulated by Delueze and Guattari.


I like the concept of decentralised curation…:grinning:


…used to play 2/3rds of:





  • 1/4". 2 output. 2 input. all line level. (1)
  • 1/4" headphone with gain.


  • 128 x 64 OLED, 16-level bright white huge pixels.
  • 3 rotary encoders, standard resolution.
  • 3 keys.
  • rear status LED indicating power and disk access.


  • 4 x USB ports for devices.
  • serial tty via USB-mini.


  • power/charge via USB-mini (high output USB power supply included).
  • internal lipo battery 2250mAh.


  • compute module 3 SoC. quad core 1.2ghz, 1gb RAM, 4gb eMMC (faster and more reliable than an sd card).
  • cs4270 i2s audio codec (low latency).


  • linux with realtime kernel. (2)

yes, it’s minimalist. (3)

reducing the built-in features provides less expectation of how this machine should be used. it lets it be tiny, efficient, and less expensive.

USB brings everything together:

  • grid and arc, certainly.
  • MIDI (4), for application-specific controller layouts, CC, or just keyboard input. USB-to-MIDIplug for talking to instruments with actual MIDI ports.
  • footswitch bank.
  • HID everything: gamepads, keyboards, etc.
  • CV devices (more on this later).
  • wifi (nub is included). OSC-ready (4), so touchOSC and inter-computer conversation is easy.
  • anything you can make with a teensy or similar devboard with USB device mode.

there are several little DIY circuits i plan to build for my own performance setup (ie USB foot switch, battery-powered preamp) which i’ll add to the growing collection of open-source electronics shared by the lines community. making custom controllers creates a physical connection to custom software.

but the norns also stands on its own. as a processor/effect, as a drone machine, as a robot drummer for your jam band (or metal band).

sun’s out, it’s saturday. time to go outside.

(1) thank you trent (@galapagoose) for assistance on the analog design.
(2) huge help from simon (@simonvanderveldt), artem (@artfwo), murray (@murray), and rick (@rick_monster)!
(3) surprise!!!
(4) artem again, so much gratitude.

Mobile pre-amps

norns gentle and strong. thank you monome for continuing bloom


MPE? …


MPE is just a dialect of MIDI, so since it supports MIDI and is (presumably) open source, it’s up to the software to read and respond to MPE. So, if the initial set of units do not support MPE, I’m sure that it could be added!


I wouldn’t trivialize the task, but of course you are correct.


Thanks for these updates even on the weekend! Makes the sun shining feel even warmer (finally).


The phrase ‘less expensive’ is used again…:turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle:


It’s not trivial, but it’s also not all that bad. We just implemented it for Unfiltered’s upcoming synth. It’s mostly a matter of changing the logic for an instrument to move from “listen to a channel/all channels” to “each voice listens to one channel”. I think the reason that a lot of companies avoided it on their products is that it wasn’t an official standard until the end of January ( Now that it’s part of the official MIDI spec, there’s going to be a lot more support for it.

Also, since this is built on Linux, that opens up a lot of libraries for us.


which linux distro, may i ask ?



This week has created multiple new lines memes… metal bands, coffee vs decaf, rhizomes, etc




love it :smiley:
now show us a granitic death\doom patch :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’m starting a jam band to compete with Ezra’s. Come catch us for a five-hour show at my non-existent basement next week.



so can we make this into a sticker or


I see you managed to make it an ambigram as well, great job!