Approaching: norns

thank you so much for the Haven synth. This is exactly the type of stuff i was requesting in the Norns ideas thread. Something adventurous, done with synthesis and feedback - a little different from the norm. :slight_smile:


didn’t see the video earlier… sounds like you had fun :slight_smile:


I wrote to a norns scripter earlier today, expressing my joy at what he created. Just so amazingly creative and musical!

The norns platform is just…

Is there an Easter Egg somewhere in the system that will display a scrolling list of all of the chief architects behind this project? If not – you really should build that into v2 for posterity. Etched in time…


loom - > octatrack -> borderlands


Wow. Just wow that was great

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Has anyone continued to dig into the possibility of having the Madrona Labs Soundplane connect directly to Norns? Or is someone interested in “taking this on” with me? @randy is this even possible? Thanks.

SoundplaneLib should “just work”, but the client app is a graphical thing that uses JUCE, you’ll want to modify it or make something else


yeah it’s very much possible. I need to get my upcoming plugin out ASAP and I’m not letting myself get distracted by a norns until that happens. But I can’t wait to use one with the Soundplane.

Right now I’m refactoring the soundplanelib source so that it will be easier to get going with the low-level code (apart from the GUI app) on a new platform. When this is done I can announce it here and I’m happy to answer questions about it.


Thanks for the quick reply - perfect! First, I’ll look forward Sumu - and then - patiently await any additional news.

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Ive got a project which is based off the soundplane source code, that is reduced down to the basics, and uses the latest tracker , and also fixes a couple of bugs I found along the way :wink:

its works great on beaglebone black, including Bela and Salt (eurorack), and works on one of my raspberry PI 3, but not the other (which unfortunately is the norns clone) … this is likely down to the kernel version, as it has been in the past.

so norns is a bit of a question mark, but I’ll check out the PI issue in a bit more detail, when I re-test the Organelle and Asus Tinkerboard.

once I’ve completed this testing, I plan to submit a PR back to the madrone lab repo for the libusb changes required.

as for integrating into matron, thats not that difficult… depending upon how deep you want to go :slight_smile:


I started looking at CM3+'s and caught myself thinking I’m really only looking for more storage which would be better handled by a thumb drive, bandwidth permitting. Does anyone know the feasibility of external storage being an option in future?

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my unsubstantiated hunch is that the internal eMMC will be a superior option, given it adds no USB bandwidth and the fact that no UI for in-menu usb drive nav is present (yet).


This is probably standard practice to most, but here’s a quick time saver for accessing norns via your terminal, by creating an alias (shortcut) to ssh we@123.456.7.89

alias norns='ssh we@123.456.7.89'

to your ~/.bashrc file (located in your home folder).

Then typing norns into the terminal should connect :beers:


Just completed my first Norns project, a midi generative sequencer. I ported an old program of mine from Max 4 Live. It took a fraction of the time to complete in Norns and quickly surpassed the M4L version in functionality. It plays well with my Eurorack rig or midi synthesizers.

It’s no hyperbole to say that Norns is a revolution in my musical workflow. Finally, I feel I can quickly code my own custom generative instruments or really any idea that comes to mind. The minimal UI forces me to focus on what is most important.

My sincere thanks to @tehn and everyone who is contributing to the platform. This is the most amazing device I never knew I needed.


Lets see it :slight_smile:


20 characters of ditto

Yep, I’ll post a video when I have a chance


Not quite ready to share the code yet (which is why I’m not posting this in Library) but I was excited to get this working and wanted to share.

I made, what I’m referring to as, a circles sequencer. You can use encoders 2 and 3 to move a cursor around. Key 3 will drop a circle that starts growing. A circle will burst if it touches another circle or gets too big. I’ve hooked it up to the PolyPerc engine for this test. The note that’s played when a circle bursts is determined by its y position and the amplitude is determined by its size. Really enjoying Norns. Thank you to everyone that worked on it!


Since this is a beginner thread, can someone explain to me in a nutshell what Monome is? I see this all over here, and I’m so confused. Is Norns the same the thing?

EDIT… Oh Norns is made by Monome. Its just a computer? Why not just use a laptop?

i might suggest more specific questions, as we attempt to give the “nutshell” version both on the main site and in the very extensive approaching thread where i slowly introduced norns over an entire week. check those out first.