Approaching: norns

PolyPerc is the engine that comes with awake. Probably just need to reinstall awake. :slight_smile:

I’m back on norns after a long break.

I have to say I’m very impressed with all the changes and new apps! This feels like a proper instrument & platform now, I’m excited to try scripting again now!

Congratulations to everyone :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’m also getting norns without the grid. Just waiting for it to arrive. How would mlr work with push 2? Would you be able to help, or perhaps guide me through this process? I’m really psyched about this little monster!

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Hi, don’t know if you got a response in pm on this, but you should check out this thread for more info on grid alternatives for use with norns:
Norns Grid Alternatives

thanks @circuitghost : )

very very lovely


Really nice write up - good job - very readable

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Thank you for saying. I figured I wanted the world to know about how great all of this is.


yeah - excellent article.

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@neauoire did this version ever get made? would love to start using mlr while I save up for a grid

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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately they are not mentioning push as far as I’ve seen.
I’m pretty new to norns, so I don’t fully get how could I adapt it.

No, it was a bit more involved than I expected, sorry.

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how can i remove the startup sound? thanks

One of Ezra’s Norns livestreams showed this – I think it was just a matter of commenting out this line:


I hope this is the right place to ask this. There’s a lot of Norns threads. It’s clear that Norns can do a lot, but am I correct in thinking that a majority of Norns scripts seem designed to render ‘pretty’ sounding results? I love a lot of that stuff, but I’m curious whether that just happens to be the stuff that shows up on Instagram and YouTube, or if there is a Norns culture that prioritizes prettiness as an aesthetic.

I’m interested in diving in, but I’m wondering how diverse the array of existing scripts is. I hope this doesn’t come across as a criticism. Tons of what I’ve heard sounds amazing.


ha - I’m thinking most people here are gonna give you the answer you might already be expecting: norns is what you make of it

sway, Benjolis, & Haven, are probably a little different that most of what might be seen on the tube, and ultimately, most of the popular scripts just manipulate the sound input, so if you throw some death metal samples into mlr you’ll be into fairly different territory that the soft focus house plant aesthetic.

&&& -> right now on the back end norns runs supercollider. we haven’t explored it quite too far yet but any supercollider patch out there can be turned into a norns patch with some refactoring and lua coding. lots of non-ambient styles in that world ! sway is one example of this

regardless, i’d recommend checking out the list of scripts before deciding to buy. link below !


Good point! Norns has plenty of samplers and live loopers which is what you feed them with. I’m not sure yet whether softcut is kind of directional or not…

I’ve been playing around with some… uh… noisy Norns engines here the past few days:

ENC1 - volume
ENC2 - chaotic param X
ENC3 - chaotic param Y
KEY2 - randomize chaotic param X
KEY3 - randomize chaotic param Y

sounds wicked. thank you for sharing :pray:

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Writing code because I can’t play the guitar

Very much a work in progress. It’s for an album project I’m working on


this is great! i’ve always enjoyed this sort of two-handed instrument— grid + keyboard.

also automatic dungeonsynth :gem: