Approaching: norns


I was using it quite a bit. Really interesting, I like it a lot. I didnt find it that opaque tbh, its generally pretty clear I think, particularly cause of your description of the script on github.

I have the DIY norns shield and it crashed a couple of times while using Fretwork. Not too sure why but at one stage after a crash supercollider wouldn’t start on norns and I had to reset.
Apart from that I ended up playing it in a sort of a weird way where I would set up a sequence then cycle through scala files in the parameters menu that I made using the sevish scale workshop, sort of treating the tuning systems as sudo-chords widening in pitch. It ended up sounding pretty interesting but I guess its a pretty weird way of using fretwork.

I’ll take a look at the scale editor, thanks for the recommendation.

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Glad to hear you’re using it, and I like the approach of loading different scales – I’m sure the UI for that is hardly ideal, and it would be pretty interesting to be able to choose a set of scales and switch between them using the grid… hmm…

But I’m super sorry about the crashes. If that keeps happening and you notice any pattern to it, please let me know, especially if you find a way to reliably crash it. I only have a factory Norns, so I haven’t tried it on a shield, but as far as I know they should be equally computationally capable. It sounds like you’re using it with PolySub and not Crow or MIDI, right? Is your we library up to date? Before April there was a minor bug in PolySub that could sometimes cause brief audio drop-outs, but I don’t think it would have crashed anything.

Yeah, I’m really enjoying the script. Still getting my head around lua and supercollider (I’m used to using pd and max). I haven’t found a way to reliably crash it consistently yet but I’ll keep on it.

Yeah, I’m using Polysub, but I tried it with the digtone too and it worked really well with it. Yeah, the we library is up to date. I’ll try to get a consistent crash and get back to you.

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Hi, I’m a little perplexed when it comes to Norns. I’ve read a good bit about it already. If I want to connect Norns to my Eurorack system I need the Crow module, correct? And if I want to use it with the Grid I would need Ansible module?

It seems like most of the apps require the Grid. Am I wrong? Thanks!

not necessarily. many Norns sequencing scripts will work with a midi interface - in my case, I often run through Hermod, freeing up my Crow for other fun stuff.


hey hey! I moved your post here, as it better fit the topic :slight_smile:

crow is the easiest way to, yes. it was designed to speak directly with norns and integrates into the system very easily (in the CLOCK menu of norns, there’s an option to send clock out through a connected crow, for example). but as @Gexex shares, you can use any class-compliant MIDI interface to send data from norns to your eurorack system.

no, grid connects directly into norns through one of its USB inputs. norns speaks fluent grid, arc, HID, and MIDI :slight_smile:

50/50 – lots of apps require grid for full usability, but many do not. barcode, patchwork, and lissadron are just a few quick examples of deep scripts which can be used without grid (barcode + lissadron don’t use grid at all!)


20 characters of thank you!

@dan_derks thanks so much for the information Dan!


Do grid or arc require any power support when used with norms?


not typically, tho wired power is suggested for multi-device sessions. battery will be fine, but short :slight_smile:

some folks run powered usb hubs into norns, which is a good idea if you have a lot of power hungry external control devices. but grid and arc running off the built in hub has never given me trouble.


Has anyone tried spray painting their Norns to a different color?!

:scream: but the metal surface is so beautiful!
(and I have not tried this @tehn did try some stuff out in the past AFAIK).

spray paint works! a few coats are needed. i haven’t used a sprayed unit consistently so not sure how it’ll wear


Thanks @tehn i saw you post about the black units you had and wanted one of my own. However since you stated you won’t be selling anymore of those, I am thinking of painting mine when I am finally able to purchase. I love the all black minimal look of hardware.

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Forgive me if this has been asked, but I searched for a few things in the forum and didn’t find anything. Is there a good known method to capture the screen at a high quality for things like live streams, etc?

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My 3 years old brother approaches norns for the first time


:grinning: Had that exact setup happening yesterday w/ my 4YO son. Minilab --> Molly the Polly. He loved the orbiting celestial bodies look.


:slight_smile: Had similar setup with 7YO, Artiphon Orba --> Molly the Polly.

Also 7YO composed a song in MuseScore, while listening to composition audio with Tunnels delay:


CM4 is out and has different connector :neutral_face:
Will there be a way to use it with Norns through a sort of adapter?


I was about to post that.

That’s a bit of a kick in the dick (not specifically for norns, but for people/companies that designed things around the form factor).

Here’s a hack-a-day article with some more info:

Knowing nothing about this kind of stuff, I imagine this would be hard to adjust for since the mechanical connectors are massively different.

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