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hello friends,

i have recently discovered monome norns and am waiting for the norns shield to restock this month to purchase it and I had a question.

can i run multiple programs on norns at once? say i want to use reels with a synth and a delay/reverb. is that possible with just norns?

thank you for your help!

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You can only run one script at a time, but there is the “tape” recorder always available to record the output of the script.


You can also route various playing sources through the built-in reverb and compressor; so you could have a synth playing through the reverb, a tape playing separately and an external input as well - and they could be routed to the reverb and then compressor as desired too.


thank you for the answer!

so say I have a guitar and I want to do a looping track where I just use norns, can use the built in reverb with the looper?

You should be able to, yes; there are several excellent loopers for Norns, such as oooooo and Barcode, that will take whatver you throw at the input to all manner of wild places.


there are also a few scripts that have both a synth and a delay/looper - I’m working on a couple more like this


awesome! thank you so much for the help, that seals the deal!

much love friend

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very cool, thank you friend!

Sorry if this isn’t the right place — anyone know the best way to plug Norns into a stereo balanced input (channels 1/2)? I used a splitter cable that’s unbalanced and it’s making some bad noise in there.

Edit: should specify I have a Norns Shield with 3.5mm outs/in.

Unless you are using really long cables balancing shouldn’t be an issue.

What is the device you’re connecting to and what are its ports labeled (mic VS line in)?

So here’s the issue that I’m discovering now: if I run line in/line out back into my interface, it’s not so bad with the Utility tool on Ableton pushing it up. The issue is when I run Ableton -> Zoia -> Norns -> Ableton the noise floor is… a mess. It’s not horrible, but it’s definitely not great and I can hear ground buzz when I try to get to -12 output. If I try to push the output too hard I get clipping in the pedal. Would a Reamp -> Zoia -> DI -> Norns solve this?

hm, no, if anything it sounds like you might want some gain between zoia and norns-shield. (if zoia is intended to drive a guitar amp.) norns-shield has unbalanced stereo I/O and expects line level signals (around 0dBu peak.) the shield is a little noisier than the enclosed version so it is good to give it close to full range.

reamp, i doubt that’s necessary, it does look like the -12db pad on zoia is intended for taking line level signals.

if you were to use a DI, it would be 2 channels between norns output and your interface. this could clean up some noise if you are running into mic preamp channels on your interface.

on a different note, i guess… i’d personally think hard before concluding that three separate stages of computer processing are really necessary. if they are, then it’s definitely gonna be easiest to avoid clipping and noise if you have some appropriate analog mixing setup. (in this case, something like a pair of FX loops with volume controls on send and return.)

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Hey All,

I find that my Norns freezes up if I leave it on unattended for a while. If I come back to it after an hour or so it’s quite frequently unresponsive (it hasn’t frozen up on me while using it yet though). It happens with multiple scripts loaded and isn’t new to the most recent software update. I have to press the button on the bottom to get it back up.

Is there a way that I can diagnose this? As a total guess, could it be a USB device that I have plugged in perhaps?


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Does it respond to the 3 button long press reset rather than the hard kill of the bottom button? Or “;reset” via maiden?

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It didn’t respond to the 3-button press the last time it froze but I only recently learned of that so I’ll keep trying it. As far as Maiden goes I have to have it up in a browser before it freezes right? I’ll start opening that out of habit when I use Norns to see if it works, thanks.

The 3 button reset always takes longer than I expect, but it usually does work for most freezes.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

I’d love to know if there’s a way to diagnose why it’s freezing as well. If I leave Maiden open does that output info on freezes?

hey friends,

I need some help finding some norns scripts that are synthesizers but that don’t need a grid of midi controller. I really like how the ~ awake ~ scripts sound and feel but I am craving some different sounds.

bonus question, can I use norns with a midi keyboard through usb to midi?

thank you for your help!

Yep! I’ve played Molly the Poly via plugging in a Keystep this way.