Approaching: norns

That’s the one - was just coming back here to post that link for future travelers. Thanks for the quick help for a noobie, everyone !~



I know that the next batch of the original Norns is due early 2022, but I’m wondering whether it’s possible to order it somewhere else, apart from the monome website? I’m located in the EU.


hi @St0rMl0rD — we don’t use retailers, so the only option besides direct is to get one secondhand. they come up from time to time in the Trade category.


thanks! have a norns shield but would love the real deal

Hey everyone , I’ve just ordered my first Norns Shield from Monome and I’m incredibly excited.

My main use for it initially would be as a midi controller to generate patterns and hopefully chords for my external gear.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on which scripts they like and also where to start building my knowledge?



Perhaps the sequencers category on will be of help. Every script that has two archs (reads like the letter m) has midi functionality. For drums a nice starting point is Cyrene and for exploring possibilities there is Orca (which you run on all sorts of computers while you wait for delivery).

Thanks for your reply , just checking Orca out now …wow ! Have a great day

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Oh dear


Hahaha brilliant, it’s a lot of fun

what script do you use for giving that lofi ambient wash? anything like zvex lofi junky?

I like to record things a couple of octaves higher and then slowing it down a couple of time to get the good notes and speed. Some filtering on it is always nice. Most of the time im using cheat codes for it mainly because im famiar with it. Altough only using maybe 10% of it.


otis has some nice sound design features for input like sample rate reduction, noise, overdrive, etc. It is modeled after the cocoquantus looper, a very lofi looper/delay.

pedalboard has a host of units that can be used together for adding modulation/overdrive/compression. use slow lfos to modulate things to add warble.


Yup! Pedalboard even has a literal Lo-Fi pedal.

Pumping compressor → warble → tape/vinyl-esque noise → saturation → bit-crushing → LPFs and HPFs

It’s also got a pedal using the open source code from Mutable Instruments Clouds, which has a Lo-Fi mode. Here’s a post with two sound samples using both of those pedals Pedalboard: Chainable FX for norns - #47 by 21echoes (it’s also going thru a pedal based on Mutable Instruments Rings, if you’re wondering why the piano sounds very… resonant)


what sequencer scripts do you use to output midi? testing out on mi plaits to output generative sequences to play guitar along with, so the less hands on with norns the better.

I am interested in the norns (more specifically in norns shield as I can’t afford a full norns) as an open source and hackable instrument to replace a novation circuit as a device for exploring ideas on and jamming with, but could norns+grid (I already have a grid) actually replace circuit, in being able to have a groovebox-y workflow to make whole (simple) tracks with as well as the fun generative stuff? I understand that norns supports scripts so anything is possible but does a script like this already exist?

There are a few scripts that can do this - I’d start with Thirty-three which is a PO33 clone, but you can have multiple “pocket operators” running at the same time. There could be other scripts that cover what you need too, but I’m not sure if there’s an “all in one”.

You could craft your own script to do this, but it would be a piece of work.

TBH though, my feeling is that Norns isn’t the best platform to replace something like the Circuit.

The norns does it’s own thing really well, and the Circuit (and other grooveboxes) do their thing extremely well too and they would complement each other well, but don’t replace each other that well IMO.


Just buy a synthstrom deluge.


the deluge is very expensive, and I’d like a norns for the things norns does too - but I’d like it to be able to do what circuit does for me too as I couldn’t afford one without selling my circuit, even if it does a worse job at that specific task (grooveboxing) it’s more flexible while the deluge is just a more expensive box that only does grooveboxing.

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Don’t go down this route. You’ll be disappointed. Norns and grid are great together, but they come nowhere near a groove box flow and especially not the Circuit flow. As much as you’d want this to be so, it won’t be.

Get norns for what norns is, not for what you’d want it to be.

The closest I’ve seen to a groove box on norns is Takt. And while it’s great, it goes to show that the workflow of an ingenious groove box is best on an ingenious groove box.


i would also discourage the mindset of seeing norns as a potential replacement for other stuff. especially when the other stuff is highly specialized hardware with a specific interface surface, implementing a highly polished iteration of a very “traditional” musical interface.

norns is 100% designed to support new interfaces and custom instruments that the framework’s authors cannot imagine. it is uncommon for a script author to want to spend many hours emulating an existing device, but it does happen.

the more common scenario is to implement something with much smaller scope that just does the exact thing you want.

that said - of course one can implement something that looks like a single-track deluge sequencer on norns.

i will re-post @circuitghost’s requested specification for something exactly like this:


but it conveys the gist of what is desired. anyone with some motivation and a little bit of programming skill can implement this on norns in a very few hours.

i and others remain happy to assist with technical questions regarding any specific roadblocks that may be encountered.

PS okay I guess I am serious about bounty for scripts.

if anyone shows me a receipt for >= $100 USD donation to re:wild (one kakapo nest box), i will implement this spec. (even the missing parts, lol)|