Approaching: norns

July 1st…. Cue me refreshing the monome page every 5 minutes to see if norns is back in stock. :flushed:


20 chars of lol same

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Got quite the exciting email just now… :eyes:


All black… sick… got me questioning if I need another. :sweat_smile:


I’m wondering if it’s black aluminum? I assume so since there’s no mention of a different material, but would love it if someone could confirm.

I think it’s the style previously shown (teased?) here and here, which I remember Brian writing about somewhere, but I can’t find it now… quite sure he said it was a new aluminum finish, though, not plastic or anything.


def aluminum, super nice matte finish, got the first batch (linseed) oiled up today (while listening to the new florist album — p sure every unit will be done to that album). they look amazing, super stoked to see em in folks’ hands :slight_smile:


Will grids eventually be released in black as well?


So very exciting! I hope I manage to click buy quickly enough… god willing! Been wanting a factory one for ages

I never bought anything on the monome site. How does it work? Is it a batch that disappears in a few minutes? Can we pay with paypal ? Thanks

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Yes, pretty sure I used PayPal last time. It’s a typical click buy, pay with PayPal affair

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Echoing — How fast do batches tend to sell out?

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For context, I guess, the limited edition silvers sold out in a few hours and I think there were 10 of them.


Thanks for the feedback !

Shhhhhh everybody :slight_smile:

Kinda stoked you released it in time for my birthday on 05/08

Norns gifts accpeted …being a selfish leo and all that hehe


not sure if you’re at liberty to say but…has their been a shift toward usb c port(s) like the recent grid design?

i’m super excited about this drop and will probably try to get one anyway :hugs:


no changes! the boards for this run are not functionally different from all the others – the battery connector port has shifted to make it easier to assemble, but that’s all. we’ve been using these boards for repair swaps for the past 6 months :slight_smile:


thanks for the background info

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Does anybody know if the paypal payment plan things will work with the Norns? I definitely do not have the full funds free for a Norns currently, but if the paypal payment stuff is enabled, I could probably make it work…

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Tried Klarna? or clearpay etc?

worth a punt

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