Approaching: norns

Feeder/eaters ? (20 characters)

the thing about maiden/matron (whose usage I personally like here) is that it relates to norns.

These three Norns are described as powerful maiden giantesses (Jotuns) whose arrival from Jötunheimr ended the golden age of the gods.


The Germanic Matres and Matrones, female deities venerated in North-West Europe from the 1st to the 5th century AD depicted on votive objects and altars almost entirely in groups of three from the first to the fifth century AD have been proposed as connected with the later Germanic dísir, valkyries, and norns,[43] potentially stemming from them.


you all realize the “tehn replying” thing is a permanent fixture on this thread only there to further entice speculation right? :wink:

brian’s beard ebbs and flows
with whispers of wild speculation
it needs to feeds


That beard is gone. 20 chars


Long live the beard.

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many tomorrows

tomorrow is may 3.

thank you for your patience and participation in this unfolding story. i’m hoping it created a deeper understanding of our motivations along with the capabilities and the future potential of norns.

yes, tomorrow we’ll open a pre-order for the first 100 devices. $800. 1pm EST.

we’ll be able to ship this initial run around may 22— there will be lots of building, testing, and packing until then. once the first 100 of norns are spoken for we will re-open ordering for the second run of 100 devices but these will ship later, likely late june. we’ve spent substantial effort on manufacturability and intend to meet demand over time.

norns software will evolve rapidly in the first months. i’ve only just gotten to enjoy it creatively over the last few weeks— prior to that it’s been engineering fever. i’m very excited to make new things to share in the future, but here are some scripts that will ship with the device:

  • mlr (with grid support) — looper shown in the first video
  • some non-grid auto-mlr-ish sample proccesor
  • various ways to control the polysynth
  • asynchronous looper(s)
  • granulator (with grid and not-grid interface)
  • live step sequencer (including non-grid ER mode)
  • variations on kria and earthsea
  • drone machine with a bunch of parameters

yes, most of these are very loosely defined. part of this is because variations are so easy, and variation is good. (1)

what else is new? (2)

may 8 (next tuesday) we’ll be at commend in NYC from 5-8pm. we’ll have several norns for you to play with and there will be some short music performances at 7pm.

more questions?

i’ll do my best to fully address questions posted here— thank you again for your patience.

the other new thing is called crow. it’s a collaboration with mannequins (@galapagoose). it’s 2hp, 2in / 4out (bipolar) with USB device input. it’s chainable (internally) and has i2c. norns (and other computers) will use it to speak CV, but it also speaks lua itself and can take itself on its own adventures. it’ll be ready in a few months.

thank you for all of the “norns is _____” responses. this community is a bright light.

norns is many tomorrows. (3)

(the end and the beginning they are the same.)

(1) some of you likely remember the days with numerous customized variations of mlr.
(2) got a restyling, live tomorrow. thank you joel (@iamkiyn)!
(3) norns is a new thing? tomorrow is a new day? a new day is a new thing? is it?


it has vanished due to sparse speculation (over the last couple months)
it will start coming back in with this new crop
of nornsense


  • 800 dollars in GBP
  • 1pm EST in BST

Don’t forget the 20% VAT :disappointed:

and shipping! (20 chars)

Will it be a deposit up front, or full amount? Thanks for this. I’m really excited about Norns.

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not a deposit-- full payment. US ship free. int’l $40. yes, keep in mind VAT/duty. shipped USPS priority.


oh damn i love crow’s design adherence. beautiful work t + b!


1,066 in AUD

3 AM in Sydney (groan)

Surely 100 won’t sell out in 12 hours, so I can get one when I wake up???

Big question for me is do I sell my TT+Ansible+TXi+TXo? I’m very much thinning my collection of modules so I can become more focused and productive, and there feels like a fair amount of overlap here, or will be eventually when the norns community has built up some more script magic.

Or maybe norns+crows+TT+ansible+TXi+TXo (!!!) can do things in combo I haven’t even though of yet.

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Any reason not to open a pre-order for however many devices get pre-ordered? Not a criticism, just curious.

i ordered components based on estimated immediate demand (which i may or may not have gotten wrong, we’ll see) and those parts had a lead time. this is how we’re able to have a 3 week ship time. if i set production moving after preorder then there’d be a 8-10 week leadtime, like how most kickstarters work.

that said, we can follow up another batch quickly if there’s demand.

(the other limiting factor is that monome is 2 people, we do all the assembly/testing… we’ll get help if needed).


Are any going to dealers? Like Control?

we’ll be selling this direct only.


You had me at asynchronous looper(s).

I wonder how fast these 100 units will go. Minutes, seconds, less … We’ll see.

The birds that norns love? :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to hold off on Norns and see how things evolve with it (and with my own setup). But a tiny module that is scriptable and bridges USB, i2c and CV is of immediate interest to me :white_check_mark:

Also somewhat amused at the synchronicity, given that Birdkids just announced a thing called “CROW Intelligence” which seems to be a patchable MIDI/CV controller/converter/sequencer/modulation source. Something in the air (maybe it’s crows).