Approaching: norns



Would love to hear it with the Kayan engine


Thanks for trying it out! It is indeed way more “tamable” than I expected.

There are some changes to Norns to better support MIDI and OSC in the pipeline, so I’ll take a look at adding some more controls once they have landed. Would you like to be able to assign arbitrary controllers to a ball? shift-enc1 is still unused, so maybe that could be the way to access midi assignments. Of course, I’d also love to support MIDI/OSC-output so that we can drive our external synthesizers with rebound.

This other video of mine shows a more predictable pattern, with accompanying drum machine. It is thrilling how quickly this all came together.


This is great. Yes, arbitrary controls would be a clever idea - for example having one ball to constantly change tone of the synth parameters to get more depth to the sound. Currently the sound engine side of it is static with no variation tone / envelopes unless you modulate by cc or by hand. Assigning different balls just for modulation parameters would be great - mute the voice of 1 ball so just have that same one ball control the synth parameters of another ball but not actually play a note - a modulation ball.

The way I have been using it as a stand-alone and creating a lower pitched bassline using 2 or 3 pitchesd voices bouncing off the top + bottom walls at high bpm, then having the 4th voice as a melody by changing the pitch and offset on the fly by hand. I’ve been hand selecting each ball and changing the pitch of the other balls also. When you make slight pitch changes at higher speeds it almost sounds like Reich like phasing or Generator ASR type patterns of Keith Whitman. When slowed down it gets very generative ambient sounding - that’s why I think the slower stuff would sound great with the rings engine. Anything that cc related that brings out the bpm / pitch / offset / transpose would be really handy as I could use my midi slider controller. Another idea would be for a ball to generate a random note within the scale as it hit a wall and have that random note set within a certain definable note range so there is constant note change. With a sampler import engine option you could go instant random jazz drummer as each ball grabs a random sample.


Thanks @enneff! Played with rebound last night, impressive!


just made this. pulled out my commodore 64. pleased to find it still works!! cant imagine any of my macbooks wokring 35-40 years from now. love the sound of the sid chip!! so yeah, live sampled in to norns


love this so much!!! past and future collide


thank you man! my thoughts exactly !


wow, this is REALLY COOL!


glad you like it. btw, thank you for all your help around here. your advice in the new to modular thread was ( pardon the pun ) instrumental in putting together my modular setup and in figuring out my w/.


aww, thanks! I really like it here and am happy to give back :blush:


what is the “app” running on the commodore 64?


I’ve been looking for reasons to get a c64 again (like many, it was our first computer). cynthcart seems like a really good one after watching that video.


its called cynthcart. i got this commodore with cynthcart about 10 years ago so im not sure about the availability. i was really into the album "tender buttons’ by broadcast which uses alot of 8-bit sounds

oh looks like they have 17 cynthcarts here


:heart: :heart: :heart: one of the best albums ever, IMO

thanks for sharing this!


heres a quick demo the way i use rebound


20 characters of madness!


Here’s Passersby that I tried today - it’s very Buchla sounding to me - love the random dice to mix up settings - great idea.


I need this in my life soon. Wow. A big thank you to the author(s).


Anything new regarding CV/Gate-output?


not officially (crow is alive, no ship date yet), but i’ve been thinking it’d take 10 minutes to make a usb-midi to cv output with a teensy…