Approaching: norns



There are ideas and discussions ongoing on making engines interchangeable between scripts -


I certainly don’t want to open the “where should we dicusss things” topic again but ugh - yeah - should read GitHub first before commenting…


@junklight i think the consensus is that conversations everywhere are good, so don’t restrain yourself… but yes, it can get a bit scattered.

@jflee the update has a substantial cpu utilization improvement that may solve some overloading


Definitely interested in these if you post


Here are the mashups I tried out: earthsea+passersby, earthsea+karplusrings, and rebound+karplusrings —

They work, but because I was just trying stuff out to see what was possible with engine and sequencing combinations there might still be some weird behavior.

(edited 9/1 with scripts compatible with norns 180828 update and added earthsea+rings script)


Awesome!! Excited to try these out


so absolutely crazy to plug my OP-1 directly into norns and have the midi just work perfectly! some new stuff coming soon from @markeats

oh yeah, also, bonus points: entire system in the video is running off of battery!


Awesome thanks - understood about the glitches


i can’t stop looking at this video. so pretty


passersby is outstanding. not only does it sound great, the entire screen experience is really well done. thank you for this @markeats!


thanks! got another norns engine in the works… :v:


Is it possible to make Passersby work with just a grid?


Not without some scripting - it’s just midi driven for now.


More progress happening this weekend.


All these new apps are stunning! So good.
Really wish they could output midi.
Would this be possible?
Love to make my daydreams of controlling my modular via Norns a reality.
I’m too impatient to wait till crow drops :joy:


Norns outputs MIDI, just get a USB to MIDI interface and it’ll work.

Here is the beginning of a MIDI sequencer I’m working on to control a SEGA Genesis with the GENMDM USB MIDI interface.


do you mean I could control my modular with rebound? and it already works? :exploding_head:


Rebound doesn’t support midi output yet, but it will be trivial for me to implement it, which I plan to do very soon. :smiley:


Thank you @enneff! I LOVE IT!


Hackney in the house!