Approaching: norns



you in the UK?

it takes 2-3 days through customs (that said - my ansible arrived in customs on a bank holiday and my Norns on a friday - might be faster mid week) - top tip: when it tells you that it has been through and charges have been raised and it has gotten to the distribution depot - they send out an actual letter! you can short cut that by DM’ing parcel force on twitter with the reference number and your name and address and ask them for the customs details. Only shaves a day off but :slight_smile:


Hey thanks, yeah I’m here in East London. USPS Says it’s arrived to Heathrow but when I called parcel force it’s not arrived on their system. All I can assume is it’s still in customs since arriving 27th sept


If I recall correctly, the total transit time from arrival at Heathrow through release by customs took 3 days. I hope it is released soon; few things frustrate one so thoroughly as the caprice of such an opaque bureaucracy.


Erica Pico Input and ADDAC200PI both work fine for me.


Started transit on 26th so hopefully i’ll Know more this week


Last night, I experimented with sampling Norns itself using an electro-magnetic pickup, and went further this evening by simultaneously running the signal through a pair of w/s. A good amount of MLR layering/cutting…

Warning: there are loud, sharp sounds in this one.


I thought folks interested in norns would be interested in this iphone app, it sends the microphone’s signal out the headphone jack allowing you to use your iphone as a simple mic going into norns. I’ve found it very useful especially for quick tests. A simple 1/4" -> 1/8" cable connects things up nicely.


In a hotel room in chicago, earlier this week, awake in a timezone neither here nor there I got to exploring supercollider Ugens. It occurred to me that the Bowed physical model should be MPE controlled. So back home today, in-between meetings, I chucked this together

Norns MPE

you can find the scripts here to copy on to your Norns should the inclination take you.

There are no parameters (except a couple of reverb settings) - the sound you hear in the video is the whole thing. The graphics I added randomly just before I recorded the video so that the screen would do something in the video - it just shows active midi channels and is otherwise meaningless.

I basically made this because this is a sound I use in my own work - it’s nice to have a little box that does rather than messing about with software or iPad. The physical model isn’t always predictable - something I like about physical models. Pressure effects loudness of the sound - sliding forwards adds a little subtle distortion.

(edit - GitHub (or my vim settings) has done strange things to my indention)


I would be very interested to port the Lines delay module to Norns. I have a fork of the dust repo and I’m working on a DX7 synth right now. I’ll make a ticket as a reminder.


Just updated to 181002 which states that Rebound’s midi out was fixed but I’m not having any luck getting it to work.


did you set your midi device in the SYSTEM > DEVICES menu?


Ok I just deleted the device I was using and added it back, it’s all good now. Thanks!


with ezra’s help in Norns: SoftCut engine, I was able to add reverse playback to voice 2 in cranes. a slight ground loop + cable pull-out in the overdub added something pleasant to the test session w/Aalto, so thought I’d share an artifact.

I’d be very grateful if folks could put the new version through its paces before I submit the update: please DM any results / feedback. <3


Hoping someone can update these to work with the 181002 update. Im trying to figure it out myself but with very limited experience on the back end. I did see Tehns explanation in the Norns update thread but am still not quite grasping it. I really need to do the studies


This is really lovely! Does your MPE implementation support per-note pitch bend? Couldn’t quite tell from the video or script.


Yes, these are not working anymore with the new update


I’m planning on looking into getting the scripts updated sometime this month when I get the chance…


Im trying my hand at bounding+rings right now. Going to post a link to what I’ve edited in another thread to see if someone can tell me if im on the right track.


it does - all working totally as expected and if you look in latest tracks etc I posted a full track made with it too.

I think there is an issue with the CPU performance of the physical model though - it works fine when the USB speed is set to USB 1 - with the new update it dies a death.

I’ll does some more work - perhaps use a slightly less CPU intensive model - I’m also wondering about adding some different models too. I want to try out the STK Clarinet see if that does anything interesting. If I can make it a bit more useful i’ll submit it to Dust


i’m very sorry for the trouble with the syntax change.

i can update these today. it’s a very simple process.

ie, look for things like:

params:get("LPG Peak")

convert them to:


(lowercase, change spaces to underscrores)

and where there’s an add:

params:add_option("MIDI Channel", channels)


params:add_option("midi_channel", "MIDI Channel", channels)