Approaching: norns



great, glad you got those back!


pheew - i had a lot of half decent stuff in that file! Panic over - thanks for the help :slight_smile:


ok back in business - here a quick loom one. There are many loom ones on my instagram, I won’t post all here as it will get too spammy. Such a brilliant sequencer and the poly synth attached is rich, flexible and pings


I’ve had decent results plugging my electric guitar (normal passive pickups) straight in.


Kind of a silly, nearly off topic question, but is the norns sheet that comes with it online anywhere as a pdf? (the one with the basic commands and such)



If you need gain you could use a stand alone pre-amp or a standard mixer. I’ve used a little Mackie to get mic level and instrument level into Norns, it also gives you more inputs to mix…


Loom, Boingg, Rebound… these sequencers are incredible!


I am new to the Norns world and haven’t found a proper answer to how and whether Norns connects to Ansible. In the other thread iConnect Midi is mentioned but said to be not working. Anybody got Ansible and Norns working together? thanks!


There is no direct connection… I guess the question is what do you want to do with them together? If you want to use Ansible as a midi-to-cv converter then it should work with any midi device that can connect via USB. There is no way to use Norns with the other Ansible applications.


i use a radial pz-deluxe for guitar/viola, which is heavy and expensive but sounds good to me and gives a nice range of (light) coloration.


Awesome, thanks for sharing, beautiful place too! Fellow Washington resident here :smiley:


As someone who owns a ge-7: still blown away by this. thanks~


Finally got some down time to create an audiovisual experiment with norns. The visuals were generated in real time with TouchDesigner, norns hooked up to an amp nearby.


Thank you for clarifying. Yes I thought of the Midi to CV way…


And unless you’re not really doing anything else with Ansible, there are better midi-cv options out there. Ansible shines for the grid/arc apps.


Can’t wait for you to drive The Party Van through Norns land! :wink:


Is tomorrow still norns o clock? I don’t see it on anymore.


Looks like it.


I’m thinking of porting Kria to both Norns and Organelle (because i like it and I want to be able to do things other than modular with it).

Plan is - port it to Lua for Norns - probably using the multi-timbral FM engine based off of @lazzarello work and that I’m making for a soundscaping instrument for Norns. Will also have midi out and may add polyphonic sequencing if that seems easy

Part 2 is adding it to the Organelle - my plan there is an external that provides enough of the Norns sequencing environment (ie grid and timers - specifically NOT any supercollider stuff) to allow Lua code written for sequencing on Norns to be adapted (I can’t see myself being bothered to make it so code will run unchanged)


Is this treading on anyones toes? ie do original authors @tehn? not want this to happen for any reason or are they already doing it?

also if anyone else is thinking about this then feel free to do it - I’m not going to get to it until mid-late November with current day job workload and other music projects I have on - I’m finishing my soundscaping thing first for instance. Asking now because I’ve been planning out how I’m going to do it - and I’m pretty sure I know everything I need to know now - I’ve been through grid_ansible.c and can’t see any issues that I’m going to run into (apart from being cross about Lua’s 1 based indexing :wink: - oddly switching between Supercollider, Lua, Swift. Objective-C and C++ at the moment the three things that trip me up are - syntax for comments, syntax for for loops/ranges and 1 based indexing in certain languages. Also putting semicolons on the ends of lines but the languages that don’t do that are tolerant of it so less of an issue. Oh and code written on Xcode is full of “:w” )