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if my memory serves me correctly there is a pd external for kria floating around somewhere (from @rick_monster experiments porting aleph ops…i think)

also @tehn doesnt really care if you port it
as long as he’s not expected to handle support for future iterations of the app

more than that…community involvement, like porting apps to other platforms, has been widely encouraged by brian for years


would love to see kria spread and evolve!

i’d be interseted in collaborating on any UI questions that come up. kria has never had a screen and extra encoders, for example! i’ve been meaning to fully port kria (awake is kria-light), but i’ve been focused on the core software and first need to spend time fully developing mlr.


Yes the kria1 port for aleph was indeed ported to puredata. I tried to create like a ‘grid ecosystem’ for pd with a C API for focus swapping between ‘apps’. This is a great feature of the aleph firmware (bees) design that I tried to reinvent for pd and Linux desktop.

Round the time I started building pd scenes using Faust DSP objects and the pd grid objects I got sucked back into full time work and moved house twice…


More than happy to involve you

To be clear - yes have Kria 1 from apeph in pure data.

This will be Kria from Ansible rewritten in Lua and a pure data lua shim so I can run it on the organelle too (really fancy sequencing @TheTechnobear ports of mutable modules with it in Orac)


let’s make some norns engines of these :wink:


That would be amazing


Supercollider’s Pluck UGen looks halfway to Rings :slight_smile: going to look at it as soon as my unit ships


There are some nice physical modelling ugens in supercollider. However mutable ones should add a lot too. I’m very fond of elements on the organelle.


Elements for Norns would be an extraordinary addition!!


well generally if there is interest in modal synthesis one could do worse than to have a poke around the STK ugens which are already installed. this vastly extends the range of off-the-shelf, well-parameterized phys. models available for engine design.

(more on the STK:

but literal port of MI modules to SC ugens shouldn’t be too difficult either, just replacing the PD wrappers.


Yeah going to look at these. I need to add some more varied sounds to my mpe thing (& reduce CPU usage a bit).

One thing I like about elements is how it blends the different models (it’s also quite playable via the modulation)


@tehn or anyone else who might know. Does the norns UI support selecting a whole folder when picking files? Would like to select a folder full of samples and pick them at random, I’ve done it before in supercollider, but I don’t what the extra step would be to communicate that to norms.


took a bit to get the hang of but the filter in molly/loom is so fun. so inspiring! thanks


So what’s the status on arc support for norns? I tried to follow what’s going on there by searching “arc” but I couldn’t really follow. Could there maybe be a thread for arcing on norns?

Seems like the arc might work but there is not documentation right now?


I don’t think Arc is supported yet. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:


arc support is forthcoming. we had to work out the grid revision, but it shouldn’t be too much to get it going now.


That is awesome!
I don’t know if this is the right place but I was thinking about a feature that would be nice for the Arc. On the Ableton push the encoder knobs send touch and release signals when the user grabs a knob. That type of touch “button” on the Arc knobs could be amazing. A use case would be; if you are touching a knob on the arc the knobs on the norns could contextually change a parameter for the arcs knob.



a few days ago i posted about it and then deleted my msg cause i didn’t want to rush you (and anybody else who might be working on it)

i am so GEEKED




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