Approaching: norns



Awesome! Thanks for the file. $11 at my local library maker space.


Works great as a stand to give it a little better working angle too!


QUENCE looks fantastic! Definitely keen to try this asap. Thanks for putting in the hard work. Can really see this becoming an integral put of my system. Would there be any way to assign say and internal voice to track 1 and assign tracks 2-4 to midi?


Looking for a power bank to use with norns. Any experience/recommendation? Ta


Thanks! I’ll post the code for the beta in Norns:code review soon. I added some new features last night, such as independent track tempos and sequence lengths.

Yes, it would be very easy for each track to have the option to be a midi or internal synth track (or both). I know loom, for example, can do both.

I think that the challenge to adding more and more features isn’t the code, but the UI. The limited screen space on Norns and resolution of Grid forces you to put a lot of thought into organizing the UI elements, or else to be a minimalist with respect to features.


No sure where you are - I bought this for my iPhone 6 in uk ebay - tried with GRID and works well. Had it on for 2/3 hours over a couple of days and hasn’t dented the small led power bar on the device yet. Two outputs 1A and 2A - I run it on the latter.


Excellent video - QUENCE looks great! - look forward to trying it when my norns arrives (hopefully soon …). What were your sound sources for the midi channels?


Thanks! For the demo I just used some software instruments in Ableton. Tracks 1&2 use Moog samples in Sampler, track 3 uses a hand-picked lead guitar sample, and track 4 uses a drum rack from Drum Essentials. If they sound halfway decent, it’s probably due to routing them through the Strymon BigSky reverb :sunglasses:

Next video I’ll use some external synths, like the Mother 32 and the Neutron.


100.000 :open_mouth: UK thanks!


Thank you :grinning::grinning:


Update on Islands

first sequencer added in - same as the earthsea one but all the underlying code infrastructure is there now to add in the next two…


I don’t have a grid yet, but is anyone pairing Norns with QuNeo? It seems like they would work really well together; I’m trying to sketch out some kind of cartesian-sequencer/stored-voltage workflow; all those sliders would be perfect for data entry & display.


I’ve been meaning to try them together - totally agree that they ought to be a good combo!


I posted the code for QUENCE over to Norns: Code Review.

And here’s another video demo of it, this time using VCV rack as the MIDI destination. Any tips on how to take better video of the grid? I haven’t been able to find a good way to light it. Daylight works better, but I’m rarely home during the day.

Thanks for all the comments so far.


I’m curious how long this typically takes to print? I’ve scored a half-hour spot with a local library 3D printer, but apparently the job gets canned if it isn’t finished printing within the allocated time.


I ran into this with my local library. The technician there told me this would be a 2 hour job on their small machine, and that exceeds their time limit. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but I ended up having shapeways do it for me… a bit pricey though.


My printer isn’t the fastest but I think around 4 hours to print.


I’m not sure how long mine too. You submit your file and they email you a week or two later when it’s printed. I think it was less than a week to get mine, but no idea how long the actual print time was.


Islands update - I probably should make a new instagram account for these but…

Sequencer 2 is a frippertronics style sequencer - but using events rather than audio

Current rule - as seen in the video is to keep a note in the loop for 3 repeats. That will be configurable and the plan is to at the very least reduce the velocity of repeat notes (once I’ve added velocity to the engine :wink: ) but, if I can think of a decent UX for the rules, perhaps to modulate other engine parameters too as the events come round the loop each time

Sequencer #3 next & then more engine work, presets , persistence of settings and some general house keeping. Getting there!


woke up early this morning from anxiety. grateful to have this thing to help limit the amount of time i spend consuming the news. recorded this molly the polly patch because it sounds cool and i have no idea how i made it.