Approaching: norns



love it! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


i don’t suppose anyone has a script for an ableton-style sample-player for grid or midi in the works . . . ? :upside_down_face:


If doable with enough CPU power, it could really be a game changer for live use, but I like norns as it is so far.


the feasibility entirely depends on what is meant by this description.

time warping? granular modes, sure. freq domain / hybrid modes, some approximation is possible with much effort, won’t be like the “real thing.”

clip launching interface? sure.


thanks for the reply!

all i had in mind was a sample spread out over the grid or keyboard in equal temperament somehow—like if earthsea could load wav files. it’d be pretty incredible to be able to layer two samples and blend between them as well!


yea that would be pretty easy to do in a script right now.


+1000 to this +30 characters.


if anyone code-literate wants to take a stab at it don’t hesitate—i’m still trying to get to grips with the studies myself!


might be naive (haven’t looked at the scripting of any of the samplers) but it seems like you could probably get 90% there copy/pasting the relevant chunks of earthsea and one of the euclidian drum machines, could be a good first project

pitch would be tricky


Just curious - can Norns detect two buttons being pressed simultaneously? Because that could be a good way to jump to the Tape record/play section from inside an app…


it can-- you’d need to be measuring time intervals and seeing if they fall in a threshold. very doable within a script.

but i’m hesitant to add any more system-wide physical events. right now having a “short press” on KEY1 seems the extent to which i’d like to restrict script-defined behaviors.

that said, i’ve been meaning to add some script commands to “enter menu mode” and “set menu screen” so one could roll this functionality into their own script (ie, have a control to jump to VU screen)


Btw @tehn is it possible to view the track time on track selection menu? Thanks


do you mean within tape selection?


Yes thats right tttt


this is a reasonable request!


@autreland I had an idea for something similar, I could probably get started this weekend. PM me with more details of you what you want if you have them.

Anyone else interested in contributing ideas or code is welcome to as well.


duskfall // ambient norns improvisation

a moment of stillness on the canyon floor. the final minutes of autumn twilight. three piano melodies and juno 106 pads were recorded into norns and loaded into mlr, performed on the grid. the piano and synthesizer improvisations are played as-is, then layered, relooped, redirected, and reordered. in the background is the stereo field recording of that part of the canyon.

this is the first of a series of battery-powered mobile performances & recordings i’d like to do, health and time permitting. to go out with norns and/or isms, a little bit off the trail, soaking up and sharing all this natural beauty.


Lovely! :yum::yum::yum:


just opened a pull request for glorb_wurm_brid.lua. huge thanks to @markeats for mollythepolly engine and the musicutil library used in this script.


Add reset reverb to default possible? It’s easy to get out of control/crash. Thanks