Approaching: norns



whoa. can you provide a repeatable crash param combination for the reverb?

if you need to reset, delete ~/dust/data/system.lua and ~/dust/data/system.pset using ssh/serial/sftp (cyberduck)


Thanks. I’ll keep an eye… EDIT
@tehn what I was trying to say is that sometimes I mess with parameters (inside scripts as well ) and I need a quick exit to initial state path…


Kria MIDI - getting very close - hopefully in PR tomorrow or wednesday…

it’s been fascinating translating code - I’ve never done that before - my lua knowledge has improved vastly as has my understanding of the Kira code :slight_smile:

It’s written as a callable module - I’ll release a standalone MIDI only version and then embed it into islands so it can be used with an onboard sound engine too and of course anyone else can use it too - pretty straight forward script to use - you basically provide events and calls to a clock function - and a note generation callback and that’s it!

(No sound on the video - midi note generation call back not implemented just yet!)


Fantastic work!
What are the chances of having more then 4 tracks?
Could it be doubled?
I can see my Norns and shuttle control slowly becoming bffs :hugs:


The main issue i’d see with track doubling is the UI. I guess you could do something like the alt pages?

The first release will be a fairly straight port of the original, although i’m Going to tweak the octaves to make more sense for midi. From there I (or anyone else who feels like it) can iterate…


Yeah that was my first thought too. An alt page could be a nice way to implement that.

Octave wise I’ve always felt that the octave page should be re coded to have the octaves start in middle with the ability to go up oatcakes but or down ocatves maybe by 2-3?

Anyway excited to see this coming along!


Very much what I was thinking for the octave


just been into every screen and set a load of things (by mashing grid keys :slight_smile: ) - loop lengths, probabilities ,durations, time multipliers and running at 480 BPM

all 4 tracks going - still no midi out but sitting at 44C and ~8-9% CPU - it’s not exactly taxing the norns

it should easily handle more tracks


Just chiming in to say:

  1. Looking forward to this
  2. the oatcakes autocorrect really made my morning


20 characters of oatcakes :joy:


ok - that was an epic few hours. The meta-sequencer is mad complex! (if you like ‘off by 1’ errors - C --> Lua is so much fun)

Fingers crossed I get this out the door tomorrow (since I need to do some money earning work ). Need to add: long press to save current pattern to a new pattern, some kind of persistence, tweak the oatcakes of course - might add a bit more granularity to probability and adding in note callback with a midi out function for this script - no doubt more debugging.

The end is in sight!


Amazing! Can’t wait to try this with my Ensoniq ESQ-1 and M4000D Mellotron!! Thanks so much for your work and contribution


My Norns is approaching, which is to say it’s in the mail headed my way. Are the studies the best first steps for someone entirely new to Norns who has no plans to write code?

I have a 128 grid, and no Arc, and I’m looking forward to Crow (has there been an ETA recently on its release?). I have 2HP saved for it in my modular.

Thanks. My guitar and I are excited.


with no intention of writing code maybe check out this link first. that being said the studies are still a good read. at the very least they’ll give you enough insight to make small modifications to existing scripts.

github link has some docs not on


I was in the same situation a few days ago: norns en route, 128 + trusty instrument at home, no particular interest in writing code in this context. I think you’ll find that the scripts themselves are absorbing. It’s MLR for me at the moment, but there are many others and they’re evolving rapidly.


Thanks very much. I’ve done a dry read (i.e., Norns-less) of the studies. I’ll dig into those and the github-housed docs when the package arrives.


no ETA announced yet for crow.

for instant bliss, especially if bringing along the guitar:

  1. power on, plug in audio + grid
  2. select -> dndrks/cranes (by @Dan_Derks)
    select -> tehn/mlr (by @tehn)
  3. play
  4. bliss


100 percent. :point_up:. I keep digging up norns tapes and thinking “ooh that’s nice”, and it’s an mlr recording. Glut was an early crush for me too, graining out the 808 samples is very satisfying


The studies are focused on writing code. So I’d not recommend them unless you want to learn a new thing. The presets included in the dust repo are quite broad. I spent weeks messing with them before writing code. I still haven’t even loaded mlr yet, lol.


quick kria update: life and work have been intervening. Also I spent some of this afternoon watching the UK slipping into goodness knows what. Presets are not quite like they are in the module - the facility to reload a preset you’ve messed about with isn’t there - I intend to come back and change these completely TBH and make them more Norns like. All that is remaining is persistence - I’m intending to make it work like foulplay - save state on exit , restore on load and notes out. So close…

(edit - persistence works too - I’m not happy with this part - needs a deeper think but quite honestly better to get it out and people using it - I’m sure people will have suggestions for what they’d like)